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Convertible Cover

Discussion in 'Factory Original Alpines & Tigers' started by mxp01, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. mxp01

    mxp01 Platinum Level Sponsor

    I have a SIV with the standard three piece set up for storing the convertible top. I just haven't had a great deal of success getting it to close correctly and it gets scratches on the corners. I'm seriously thinking of converting to the SV cloth cover. Is this something that anyone else has done?

    Does anyone know if Rootes found the SIV covers troublesome, thus switching to the cloth cover for the SV?

    Let me know,
    Mike Pennell
  2. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Diamond Level Sponsor

    I think Rootes went to the cloth cover as it was cheaper to make that way! I prefer the more finished look of the metal covers. Sure they are a pain to use and may rip the top if you aren't careful but they won't flap in the breeze or have zippers that break like the later cloth covers. To change to the S5 style cover you will have to add the vertical metal panel from a S5 and then get the cloth covers too. Your choice. Eric
  3. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time


    the top boot doors get bent over the years. paint chips are a fact of life on these doors. our body man spent many days getting the bends and twists out of the three doors. he custom fit the hinge nuts for the large door so it would operate without chipping the side doors. everything worked right for a few closings. then the small door on the right side wasn't pushed up tight and it got a paint chip. it takes a lot of work to switch to the series 5 style. you also have to make changes to the sides by adding sections to close up the area covered by the side doors.
  4. agmason54

    agmason54 Donation Time

    I know a gentleman in New Zealand who converted a SVGT to a ragtop.I hacked out the storage panel with a club and chisel for him.The operation was a success but I would never bother doing it for myself. Be happy with what you have unless you are a glutton for punishment or run a body shop.
    I agree with the outlaw Prez..

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  5. Stormb10

    Stormb10 Donation Time

    Convertible covers

    Hi Guys,
    New owner and wondered if someone could give me some info on my 3 -piece metal top covers. First off I just bought a S2 car last week and the metal covers were covered with padded vinyl both the tops and sides. Mine do rub because of the added thickness of the padding. The cars didn't come this way right? Weren't the tops metal and only the sides had a vinyl panel attached. Next question: My center piece release mechanism has a pull knob that comes up through the top of the center piece. You pull it up to release the mechanism and lower the center piece which is hinged. Has anyone heard of this. Is this original? It reminds me of the flush knob on some european toilets. Tom
  6. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    The metal covers on all the series I-IV were painted. On the SII you have there were 2 small metal finishers on each side panel about 1/4 away along that stop the centre panel from gauging them when its being lowered/raised.

    As for the release, the SI had a simple handle the same as the boot one in the centre that you pulled on to release the rear.. on the SII they upgraded this setup to have a pull chrom that came through the vertical face in the centre of the rear panel that released to catches on each side.

    What you are describing is not factory.. and sounds liek someones work around on a SI setup
  7. mxp01

    mxp01 Platinum Level Sponsor


    Sorry for the late reply to my original post. I was completely unaware of the key differences between the SIV and the SV setups. Thanks to everyone for the important information.

    Based on what I learned, I will stick with the original factory setup and just try to adjust it more.

  8. Stormb10

    Stormb10 Donation Time

    convert. top (hood)

    Thanks for the info about my release. I'm still not sure I get how the stock handle works on the S2 . I'll have to look for some pictures or maybe somebody can post a pic.

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