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Clutch won't disengage

You do have the slave cylinder mounted on the correct side of the flange?
Believe so. I was pumping the pedal, and my mechanic was observing the lever arm movement, and felt it was adequate. Not home right now to check, but that would be one of the few things I could remedy without pulling everything!
The travel of the piston is not affected by misplacement, so it is traveling the correct distance out of the slave cylinder. But if it's mounted on the forward side of the mount it won't have enough travel to disengage the clutch. Hope this helps. It has been done by the best of us I'm sure.
The travel of the piston is not affected by misplacement, so it is traveling the correct distance out of the slave cylinder. But if it's mounted on the forward side of the mount it won't have enough travel to disengage the clutch. Hope this helps. It has been done by the best of us I'm sure.
Finally got the time to pull the engine. In brief, 1962 HLM with later 7.5" flywheel and clutch assembly. Found the clutch plate installed correctly. Pilot bearing moved freely on input shaft. Found the new clutch plate to be scored on the outside of the rivets in the center disc (between the springs) and from the center circle of the clutch cover. Anyone seen this before? No printed markings on the clutch disc, but was oriented correctly. Will talk to SS today. Could reinstall original disc, but it is used and thinner. I have two 8" clutch covers and discs I could go to, but would need to change out the flywheel.


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I think I may have an answer. The previous pictures show the original plate in picture 1. Picture 2 and 4 show the pressure plate used, which has Laycock Sheffield on it. Picture 3 shows the new plate that was used with the damaged rivets. Picture 5 is the new disc on the PP.
When you look at the rivets between the springs, pressure plate side, the original is 9/16" from the edge to the center of the rivet. The new disc's rivets are about 1/4" from the edge, and accounts for the interference. I talked with Sunbeam Specialties, and they have had noone else report problems. Their discs for sale have rivets at the 1/4" distance. Pressure plates are unavailable. Is it possible that the pressure plate in the car is different from other late series Alpine pressure plates? Was Laycock Sheffield the usual supplier?
Any thoughts? Thanks, David
I think the original clutch parts were made by Borg & Beck. You can look for a new clutch disc with rivet spacing that will work or you can have your original clutch disc material replaced. If your original clutch disc and pressure plate were working ok together, I'd resurface the original clutch disc.

Here are a couple of used discs I have. Those rivets look to be well inside of the coil springs.


Here's a close up of the clutch disc original to my series V:


I see the same part number, 47238, on the picture of your original clutch disc.

Thanks Mike. My original disc does say Borg and Beck. Looks like my pressure plate may be different than others, in that others will work with the new clutch disc. Also on my new disc, there seems to be some interference and rubbing on the central circle on the back of the part the release bearing pushes against. I assume the disc and cover were bought as a set years ago, and therefore worked well together.
So I need to decide if I reuse the prior disc, or reface it. I doubt that this car will get more than 5000 miles of use in the future.
Any recommendations about where to send it to get it refaced, and turnaround time? Worst case scenario is it sitting for months in a shop waiting to be refaced.
Here are clutch rebuild mentions I have seen on the forum and tucked away in my notes.
  • http://www.southbendclutch.com/index.html (Source: George Coleman April 2015)
  • Fort Wayne Clutch http://www.fortwayneclutch.com/ (prices: Disc $50, pressure plate $50 + shipping.) (Source: Todd Nordby April 2015)
  • Kip Motor www.kipmotor.com (Source: me)
  • Valley Friction, 11817 Sherman Way, N. Hollywood 818-765-5174 will do the clutch disc. I think it was about $75? (Source: Jimjordan2 August 2016)
  • Southland Clutch, 101 East 18th St. National City, CA 800-310-2588 Will rebuild the Clutch cover/Pressure plate. They were not cheap, but did a nice job, replacing the pressure pad, rebuilding the plate, resurfacing etc. $125.00. (Source: Jimjordan2 August 2016)
  • Falcon Clutch in Long Island (Source: sunalp August 2020)
I have had only one clutch disc refaced and it was by Kip Motor. They did a nice job. I remember the price being on the higher end.

Thanks Mike, as always your answers are most helpful and accurate. Luckily Eric G and Clyde M will be here next week, and I can get their eyeballs on the amount remaining on the disc. Would love to just get it back together and done. Still wonder why the pressure plate would not work with the new disc- hope nobody else goes down this long and painful road. Do other clutch covers say Laycock Sheffield? Or did Borg and Beck make them?
I have what I believe is a NOS Borg & Beck pressure plate. I can take some measurements of it for you to compare to your pressure plate. I also have an aftermarket pressure plate I bought from another forum member and could check its dimensions, too.


I measured from the outside of the damaged rivets across to the other side, and got 4.08". When I measured the inside diameter of the pressure plate, which has to have space for the raised rivets, I only got 4". Therefore the cause of the interference. Hopefully other folks have a bit more space on theirs to work with the available discs. And remember, the clutch cover is extremely hard to come by. Rebuilding the disc and/or coverplate may be the only way to go. David

I grabbed two Borg & Beck pressure plates (one NOS, one rebuilt) which I think are stock for the series V and took some measurements. On both I found the inside diameter to be 4-7/8" and the outside diameter to be 7-5/8". The disc width is 1-3/8".


Mike, the pressure plates look very different from the front. Mine, from Laycock, made in Sheffield, or is it Laycock Sheffield, has the recessed inner surface which causes the interference with the available new discs. If someone has one like yours there should be no interference, but one like mine could lead to the problems I've had.
Now to decide to reuse mine, or send it off to be refaced.
Thanks for all the help, David