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Check this out....only 83 ever made.....Has Sunbeam Tail Lights and a Hemi v8

Discussion in 'Ebay / Craigslist / Other Discoveries' started by Mikeflbmer, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Mikeflbmer

    Mikeflbmer Bronze Level Sponsor

  2. nsbluenose

    nsbluenose Gold Level Sponsor

    Hmmm; nice interior, to bad about the exterior!
  3. bulldurham

    bulldurham Platinum Level Sponsor

    This car is still for sale. I talked w/ the owner, a very nice British guy, who has owned the car for several years.
    He is about 40 miles form me and I had scheduled to go see it until I got the news of perhaps having to replace the home A/C system.
    If anyone is interested I would go check it out and report back. It is an all aluminum body w/ 313 Chrysler Hemi and 3 sp auto, push button.
    I think it is relisted on Ebay, so you can contact directly also. My search indicates the price ranges widely but generally 25,000 to 50,000 in a good sorted car.

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