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Can someone advise on Wheel Offset

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by Andy Kayll, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Andy Kayll

    Andy Kayll Guest

    Hi everyone, I am new to alpines and have recently bought a Series V
    I have plans to fit a Megajolt systen (kit is on it's way) and will let you know how it goes but my knowlage of wheel geometry is nill...
    I have a set of Wires with bolt on hubs and that is all cool but I also have a set of slot mags (13" x 5.5") that I was going to keep but when I measured the stock wheels the distance from the point the wheel sits on the drum to the centre of the wheel is around 27mm (I am told this is negative offset).
    The slot mags are only 10mm for the same measurement.
    How would this effect the handling / are these wheels useable our shall I ditch them?

  2. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Andy, as the slot wheels are wider than the Alpine wheels, you no longer can fit the wheels by offset as the wider wheel will interfere with the upper ball joint. Best to match up the backset, which is the distance from mounting surface to outside of rim.

    Doing some quick mental math, I'd say these wheels would be a pretty close fit. If the center of the wheel sticks out beyond the original location, it will cause the car to steer harder. How much harder is determined by the amount of mismatch. In any case, a wheel that is reasonably close usually works fine.

  3. V_Mad

    V_Mad Donation Time

    Hi Andy.
    I generally go for an offset of between 20mm and 30mm depending on wheel width.

    With 13x5.5 wheels, and an offset of only 10mm, I expect the front wheels will stick out at the sides too much, but the rears will look OK. Also if you go for tyres about 175x70 or bigger you may have clearance problems with the front wheels, and the fender will need a trim.

    For the fronts, an offset of 24 to 28mm would be a good fit.
  4. Andy Kayll

    Andy Kayll Guest

    Thanks for the advise, I will stick with the wires until I can afford a set of nice alloys with a larger rim and correct spaceing.
    Andy :)
  5. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    using 15x6 with 4" backspace

    A 15x6 with a 4" backspace works (as would a 4-1/4" or 4-3/8") as for offset a 30-32 offset should (?) work.
  6. sd_pace

    sd_pace Gold Level Sponsor

    the offset for the minilite 14 x 6 isnt the offset around negative 12?
  7. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    Minilite 15x6

    You are correct, my major error! I have Minilite 15x6's with a backspace of 4" (could have been 4-1/4") is according to a backspace -offset conversion chart at https://rsracing.com/tech-wheel.html 12mm and 19 mm (4.0" and 4.25" accordingly).
  8. Alfred Pine

    Alfred Pine Silver Level Sponsor

    Also needing wheel assistance

    Not to jack the thread but ...After reading all that I could find in regard to Alpine wheel fitment I believe that it would be possible to run four 15 x 7, e+20 wheels mounted with 185/55/15s in front and 205/50/15s in back. Am I correct in this or have I totally lost my way....:confused:
  9. Barry

    Barry Platinum Level Sponsor

    The thread was over 8 years old, so the statute of limitations for hijacking has probably expired.

    It is "possible" to do almost anything; the question is whether or not is it reasonable and good engineering.

    With the right backspace (a MAXIMUM OF 4-1/2" for 15" wheels IIRC), you can put 15x7 wheels on the front of an Alpine. The front wheel / tire will stick out beyond the fender which raises the "reasonable" question. 185's are pretty skinny for a 7" wheel, but would be about right on a 6" wheel which would address the "roller skate" issue.

    Again, with the right offset, you can put 15x7 wheels and 205/50/15 tires /on the back of an Alpine. Whether or not the tires will rub is a good question. A 205 section width tire is about 8.4" wide. On my S-V, it is about 8" between the outer edge of the leaf spring and the inner edge of the fender lip. Either the tire has to get narrower or the spring to fender lip distance has to get wider AND the wheel offset must be exactly right. Everyone I have encountered with 205 rear tires has reported some rubbing.

    Somebody will probably claim to have used 15x8 wheels with 225/40/15 tires without any problem. It's your car; do the math and then do what you think is best.

    Just my opinion; YMMV.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
  10. Toyanvil

    Toyanvil Gold Level Sponsor

    I am running Rota wheels in a staggered set 2 15x6 25mm offset and 2 15x7 20mm offset, and installed Yokohama S-Drive tires 185/55-15 in front with 205/50-15 in the rear. The rears are about 1 1/8" wider, my rear wheel wells are cut.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
  11. Alfred Pine

    Alfred Pine Silver Level Sponsor

    Thanks Barry and Toyanvil...

    I'm struggling to find a set of rims that will work on my S5 that I will also enjoy owning. My first choice would be Volk TE37's from Rays


    but the cost is just a total budget killer so off into the internets i went to find a copy with integrity and still weighing as light as possible. I had thought I might have a winner with the Rota Grid Classics


    but they don't seem to offer a 6" option (thus my interest in a 7" up front). I truly would rather avoid the 7 up front but am losing patience finding a rim with the look, that will fit.
  12. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    I have 15 x 6 Minilite's on my SV with a 4-5/8" Backspace which clears the upper ball joint by 1/4". The rears are dictated by your rear axle width.
  13. Alfred Pine

    Alfred Pine Silver Level Sponsor

    Pictures and sizes???

    Alright, Ive been searching the net with a good bit of vigor and not having much luck finding a rim that I like that will also fit my car....

    Perhaps some of you might want to post up pics of your wheels with their sizing?

    Please and thank you,


    PS - Maybe this should be a new thread????
  14. Greggers

    Greggers SAOCA Vice President Platinum Level Sponsor

    It might be a good idea to start a new thread, but in the meantime, consider posting a picture of the kind of wheels you might like to see on your car, and perhaps a member will point you in the right direction of a Sunbeam-friendly equivalent. I was looking through my Sunbeam photos, and I have about a dozen different wheels people have used. Heck, I have two myself (see the attached).

    Attached Files:

  15. Alfred Pine

    Alfred Pine Silver Level Sponsor

    Wheels I'd like to have

    Good call Greggers....

    Here is what my first choice would be...


    Why these.... A 15X7 rim weighs in at 9.15lbs, I'm very partial to the 6 spoke design, they are offered in White (yes, I want white).

    Why I won't be getting these.... they don't offer a fitment for the Sunbeam, ONE WHEEL COSTS OVER $800.00.:(

    There are quite a few copy cats of this design out there but I just have not found one that I can get under the car.

    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated:)

    Alfred Pine

    PS - Merry Christmas All!!!
  16. Toyanvil

    Toyanvil Gold Level Sponsor

    I just re-drilled my hubs to a new bolt pattern, so I could get the wheels I wanted. Just an idea.
  17. Barry

    Barry Platinum Level Sponsor


    Don't think there is any way to use 15 x 7 wheels and keep the wheels and tires under the front fenders.

    A wheel with a 7" rim width is typically about 8" overall width and the wheel has to go outside the upper ball joint.

    The upper ball joint on a S3 / IV / V is about 7" inside the front fender lip at the top of the arch.

    Do the math; an 8" overall width wheel will stick out beyond the front fender by at least an inch and the tire (if properly fitted) will stick out at least another 1/2".

    A Merry Christmas to all!
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
  18. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    I have 15x6 with 4-5/8" backspace on my SV, which clear the upper ball joint by 1/4"
  19. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    I have 6 X 15 Saab steel wheels with 33mm offset. I think that translates into 4.3" offset. Clearance is debatable, "Fat" wheel weights get an free trim!

    As Barry says, "Its an Alpine, YMMV"

  20. Alfred Pine

    Alfred Pine Silver Level Sponsor

    Still Looking

    Ok, so I found a semi close design...BUT, the smallest offering is a 15x6.5.

    I'm sure it would be too much to believe that I might be able to get a 6.5 with 38mm of offset under the front?

    Would 40mm be better or worse?


    Someone really needs to create a formula for this so I can just plug in the numbers and have the computer laugh at me.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017

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