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Automatic Rebuild

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by Racemini44, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Racemini44

    Racemini44 Donation Time

    Hello SAOCA First post here I Found a Great (Garage Find) Not many Barns In the city, Found a Series iv Automatic Numbers Matching (Early car) was sitting in a Garage in Tampa for 12 years of so said the old owner . Good looking car very little real rust (Some surface rust on right side and two very small spots under the molding around Convert top)Going through motor now .Need to know if there any good Borg Warner T35 Rebuilders out there? Going to complete Restore but i might have some fun with it First in primer !! , will send Pics !
  2. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    The T35 was used in loads of British and other imports, as well as AMC and a few other US cars. It’s not a terribly complex trans so any decent automatic transmission shop should be able to repair it. The best parts sources seem to be in the UK, however. Here’s the full shop manual for that gearbox, if it’s helpful:

  3. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    The Auto was a BorgWarner BW35. As Puff said it is not a terribly complex one.
  4. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Platinum Level Sponsor

    Not many cars in the US used that trans, I recall the 1600 pinto and capri automatics used it.
  5. Racemini44

    Racemini44 Donation Time

    Great There are a few Good Older Trans shops in the area that ill check with ,I bought NOS ROOTS Valve Body and Master Rebuild kit .Thanks Puff4 i can use the Manual Just found Kick down cable disconnected and tucked behind steering box,Old owner put weber carb on it and did not reconnect I have read that needs to be set up correctly with Pressure Thanks Again Too all who responded Pretty sure Ill be back !
  6. John W

    John W Diamond Level Sponsor

    Glad to know there's another automatic with the BW still functioning. Truly a unique, rare car.

    A few years back, a club member made five or so reproductions of the automatic shift cover (the part that surrounds the shift lever). If you need/want one, I'll post it to you free of charge. Just message me where you want it sent to. All it needs is the lettering (PRD12).

    Congratulations on your acquisition of a great, numbers matching car.
  7. Racemini44

    Racemini44 Donation Time

    Thanks John The car still has the OE cover in really good shape , I truly cant wait to restore this car just got My MINI INNOCENTI done a few years ago and needed this to stay sane !

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  8. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    And this morning I wake up to see this....

  9. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    BTW, if anyone needs this I'll leave it here. A while back a friend asked if I would help him locate the bell housing vent screens for a BW 35 (they fit in the open rectangular accesses in the lower center photo above). Not being able to find any, I created a CAD file and an STL file so that they could easily be 3D printed. I designed it to be a bit stronger than the originals, with fillets to help prevent the cracking that these often experience.

    So... if anyone needs those screens, have at it. The photo reflects the original part, without the extra fillets I added later and that are incorporated in the STL.

    PDF Drawing:


    STL file for 3D printing:


    I ask that folks please not try to make money with my work by making them and selling them. That would be rude.

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  10. Tim R

    Tim R Silver Level Sponsor

    John W, Do you have any more available? We would love to have one for our Automatic as it is missing.

    Tim R
  11. ghoward

    ghoward Donation Time

    Hi racemini 44. There are no reliable records of how many automatic Alpines were built, but there are still a lot in existence. I know of at least 30. I have one of the six series 3 prototype automatics, owned by the family since new. It has the original engine and gearbox, and has done more than 380,000 miles. I acquired it in 2005 from my wife's uncle, and spent 2 years doing a complete rebuild. It is fitted with "modern" bits, new manifold and weber 32/36, 123 electric dizzy etc . The key feature to make the auto box reliable is to fit a gearbox oil cooler. My box was refurbished in Halesowen in Birmingham, and he recommended this action. He was spot on. Since rebuild, the car has done over 80,000 miles, box is still perfect. When the S1V Alpine was road tested by Autocar in 1964, it did 86mph, and less than 25 mpg. This car did more than 86mph (measured with satnav, not the speedo) last year, and on a decent run does more than 32 mpg. The bores are +63 thou, and still acheives over 800miles per pint of oil. The rings are +60 thou, so the gap is a bit big!!!
    There is at least one other S3 prototype in existence, in Germany, but the plates are missing. There are at least 3 SVs with auto boxes, and an S3 in Sweden, in which the gearbox aperture was made big enough with hydraulic jacks!!! Good Luck to him, getting at the bits with the tranny tunnel designed for the auto box is bad enough.
    Rootes offered the auto box for you chaps in USA, not realizing that one of the reasons for buying a British sports car was the stick shift.
    John W- if you still have one of the plastic gearlever covers available, I would be very interested- I tried to make one from glass fibre- not good.
    The other good laugh with the auto- sit at the lights in gear with brake on, and plenty of revs, and drop the brake- it really p****s off MGBs.

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