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Alternator replacement recommendations


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My alternator is at the shop now to see if it is my charging problem ( my mechanic thinks it is). They are going to test it and if it is see if they can repair it. If it can't I am thinking of installing a 1 wire alternator, so I am looking for recommendations from some of you that have already done this.


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I switched to the Hitachi #14231 decades ago. No problems. The Hitachi unit isn't available anymore, but if you do some cross-referencing you'll find identical in-house brand replacements from places like Autozone.

Bill Eisinger

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I’m using a Ford 3G single wire alternator in my SI V6 conversion project. It’s available from a number of sources. At this point, I only have minutes (not hours) of engine running time but it’s working great so far.


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I recently purchased an Hitachi #14231 that I plan to install in my SIV Alpine with the 1725 engine that was recently rebuilt. Others have utilized the 14231 with great service results.

Search for one is recommendedd because of the depemndability of the alternator.


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The Hitachi is my go to alternator. Every rewire I do I put one in. They are now rebuilt in China ( the ones you get
at Rock Auto anyway) but out of the last 10 or so I've used had only one that had a problem ( the light didn't work)
so not really bad odds!


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Hi Jan,

A few clarifying questions for the 15ACR Lucas alternator.
  • Do you know which years it was used on MGBs?
  • The article in the Alpine Marque mentions swapping the MGB pulley with a GM pulley to get the proper spacing. Do you recall the details for which GM pulley you used?
  • Do you know how many amps the 15ACR alternator produces?


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The MG guys like to replace the Lucas with this GM Saturn CS130 alternator:



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The MG guys like to replace the Lucas with this GM Saturn CS130 alternator:

DB Electrical 800 753-2242 anything and everthing


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the Lucas 15ac alternator puts out 45amps i am told. It made a world of difference to my car.



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The car is back up and running. The old alternator tested good, so it was probably the voltage regulator. I got a rebuilt (by AC Delco) Hitachi alternator from Rock Auto with a 2-year warranty for less than the voltage regulator would have cost. It took all day because a previs owner had deleted the amp meator and replaced all the factory wires with brown wire.