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Alpine Transmissions

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by whiskytangofoxtrot, May 16, 2018.

  1. whiskytangofoxtrot

    whiskytangofoxtrot Silver Level Sponsor

    I have a late 66 or 67 trans that I pulled out of our alpine, needs a new rear seal other than that it seemed to run great.
    I also have one more 4 speed condition unknown, and a early Trans with overdrive which I have not really looked into, I bought it awhile back and probably spent too much, but its taking up room
  2. T.Jack

    T.Jack Donation Time

    PM sent
  3. whiskytangofoxtrot

    whiskytangofoxtrot Silver Level Sponsor

    I also have a header and a few other parts
  4. Hodee

    Hodee Donation Time

    Do you have a transmission "brace" that fits under the tranny and attaches to the frame? Also, can you tell the condition of the headers?
  5. bruce caldwell

    bruce caldwell Gold Level Sponsor

    Where are you located?
  6. sunalp

    sunalp Platinum Level Sponsor

    Looks like St Pete, Fla.
  7. whiskytangofoxtrot

    whiskytangofoxtrot Silver Level Sponsor

    I would give the header a Good, it appears it could be Stainless. I don know that it is not one of the ones you need to dimple to get it below the 2BBL manifold.
    I am in St Pete Florida IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3269.JPG
  8. whiskytangofoxtrot

    whiskytangofoxtrot Silver Level Sponsor

    I do not have a trans mount but I am sure somebody has one on here, enough cars have been taken apart
  9. raceatr3

    raceatr3 Donation Time

    Is the early gearbox with OD still available?

    PROCRAFT Donation Time

    We've got a S5 Gear Box for sale also 150.00
  11. raceatr3

    raceatr3 Donation Time

    Do you have a driveshaft to go along with the gearbox? Any idea of the condition of the gearbox?

    PROCRAFT Donation Time

    Sold the drive shaft all ready, have no clue as to condition just left over after scraping the car.
  13. Bobbytriumph

    Bobbytriumph Silver Level Sponsor

    I know it has been months but if the early overdrive Trans is still available with the overdrive, I am looking for same asap and will be very happy to find one ( I can go through it no problem). Its for a Harrington Alpine from 1962 which somewhere lost its OD gearbox. Thanks for a reply. Bert Bennett, Irvine, CA

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