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Alpine Tiger Tribute

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by berrost, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. berrost

    berrost Donation Time

    I have stumbled upon a 1968 Alpine that is a good 10 footer car (looks good from 10 feet) has some paint issues but she is a solid car. This Alpine has been reborn into a Tiger using most of the parts from a Tiger after it met its death on the race track. The original 260 engine is also gone and in its place is a modified 302, car has both soft and hard tops. My question is can anyone help me to get a rough idea on the value of a Alpine/Tiger tribute?
  2. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    Sales price info on "tribute Tigers" (honestly offered with Alpine VIN plate) is really scarce, as are the cars themselves.

    If it's just been converted into a basic Tiger look-a-like, without any esoteric add-ons (ie. IRS, Mustang II front suspension, big-buck paint, etc), I suspect 20K is about tops, or roughly a third of a similar 'real' Tiger. I've seen a few nicely-done "tributes" that should command more, but the Tiger community is so strident on rooting out fakes ("Algers") that I think it dampens enthusiasm of owing an honest copy.
  3. berrost

    berrost Donation Time


    Thanks for the reply, It is a honest Alpine VIN the owner when he bought it many years ago was offered the Tiger Vin plate for extra money but turned it down so that it wouldnt be a honesty issue in the future. I it has the Tiger cross member and all the original badges. To bad the 260 is gone.
  4. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    If you enjoy the car it does not matter as long as you are honest.
    I have my Lister Tiger clone and it has the Tiger name plate on the side but I would never dream of passing it off as real.And yes I do know how to fake a Tiger but that is for me to know just in case I buy another Tiger.I still miss my 66 Tiger and it was absolutely stock

    My 62 has a bunch of mods with a hot 302 but it is badged an Alpine
    As that some of the purists are nose up in the air I couldn't care.Most of the Sunbeamers I know do not pass judgement but will sit back and talk with you and admire what you have.
  5. Alger

    Alger Donation Time


    Just to give you an idea of what I paid, I have the Alger that George Fallehy built from a 1964 Alpine GT using a wrecked 66 tiger. The car is a 15 footer but has many of the expensive tiger bits like the original air cleaner, fan shroud, etc. When I purchased it the engine needed heads but otherwise the car was complete and touted as a good driver once the engine was repaired. I paid 12K for it, spent some money on heads and it is now a great little driver for quite a bit less than a real tiger. It's badged as George wanted it, an Alpine with the 260 V8 badges and a few other interesting things that George added like Chevrons off a chrysler and a triumph motorcycle tiger badge on the back. I plan to drive it and enjoy it knowing it will never be worth what an original would bring. I recommend enjoying the 68 as there's nothing quite like driving these cars.
  6. RootesRich

    RootesRich Donation Time

    My Dad and Mr. Fallehy were good friends and as a kid in the 80's I watched Mr. Fallehy build this very car. I would love the chance to come see it in the future if possible.
  7. Alger

    Alger Donation Time

    Fallehy Alger

    Hi Rich, I'm in Sacramento, you're welcome to come by anytime and hang out, we can go for a spin in George's car. Send me a PM.

    Matt McLaughlin
    Sacramento, Ca

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