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Alpine on E-bay.

Discussion in 'Ebay / Craigslist / Other Discoveries' started by Mike O'D, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Mike O'D

    Mike O'D Gold Level Sponsor

  2. ralphyboy

    ralphyboy Donation Time

    I drove to PA to see this car from my home in NJ. The car looks very solid, with only a trace of filler by the headlight on the passenger side. Body panels, fenders, floor boards, and trunk appear to be solid as a rock. What i could see of the underside/frame of the car looked to be excellent( very clean and rust free), and almost appeared to have been redone too.Car was repainted( decent job) and there were a few areas with some chips that were sprayed over, but it all seemed sound. Engine compartment is very clean too, and engine appears to be redone, in that all seals look new, engine is clean and seems to have been removed and gone over. However, there was alot of kitty litter under the car, and it seemed like something was leaking. The smell of gas might have been from the engine flooding while they tried to start it. Interior is not perfect, but pretty nice. Dash has all switches and is not cracked. The padding on the dash is a little loose, but that should be an easy fix.
    What pissed me off is that I drove over an hour and a half to see the car after talking to the guy selling it, and it wouldn't start. The battery was dead, and they didn't have cables. The battery looked new, but wouldn't crank over the engine. So much for the claim "it starts first time every time".
    The real owner showed up to discuss the car with me, and was a car dealer in the area with several dealerships. Kevin Burk, who listed the car is not the owner, but sells alot of motorcycles on ebay and seemed like a decent guy.The real owner got the car at auction, but never titled it himself, just drove it with dealer plates according to him.
    There were some rubber trim pieces missing, and the passenger side window cranks didn't work right. ALSO, the driver door was out of alignment,and was bowed in the middle.where it contacted the rocker panel. There was about a 3/8 in gap in the middle as you looked down, and you could see the pavement through the gap. The passenger door sealed tightly.
    Top was OK, and glass was pretty decent too.
    I'm still undecided as to whether i want to get the car, but for anyone else looking, and knows these cars well, it looks like a very solid car. Their comments about it possibly not being worthy of driving the 100 miles or so from Philadelphia, to North Jersey were not real comforting although they offered to include transporting the car for me.
  3. atallamcs

    atallamcs Donation Time

    ebay car

    My gut tells me to let that one go. Having had a few that I raised from the dead, this one doesn't feel right from your description of the chain of owners and some of the issues it appears to have.
  4. ralphyboy

    ralphyboy Donation Time

    Maybe you're correct, but for some of the cars I've seen on Ebay, it appears to be a very solid car. The mechanical issues may only be a minor thing. alot of cars I've seen on ebay have been rust buckets, and this car is definitely not that.
    I may just stick with my vette. It's a 2003, and I've done some work on it ( gears, intake, exhaust and brakes), and it runs great. I'm not afraid to take it anywhere, and I've had it up to 120mph with it being solid as could be.
  5. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Ralphy,

    Don´t give up on an Alpine, just because this one might be a bit questionable. There are many good cars around, and you would enjoy a small, light, good handling car.

  6. ralphyboy

    ralphyboy Donation Time

    Thanks for the encouragement Jose. I've always loved the lines on these cars, but they are a little hard to find, especially in my area. I really wanted to drive one to see what they were like. That is why i was really disappointed with this one. It was close enough to get to, and it supposedly started and drove well.
    My first experience in a vette was awesome. The minute i sat in it and felt where everything was positioned, it just felt right. My present car, my second vette, still feels that way. I've driven it from NJ to North Carolina where my son goes to college, and back within 4 days twice, getting him settled there, and it's a 9 1/2 hr drive each way. I was comfortable each time despite such a long time behind the wheel.
    I was hoping to find a fun, smaller car to take to Watkins Glen for the vintage races up there ( been there several times in Sept for this), and to just have something to jump in to have a little fun on short cruises for a weekend.
    Now, I'm not sure what i should do.

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