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Alpine and Tiger Parts for Sale


Donation Time
I have sold both my Tiger and Alpine. I have a large amount of parts I wish to sell. I have a correct Ford top loader, 4 speed with Hurst Shifter, a steel hard top, doors, fender, lots of body and suspension parts, rims (including racing rims, mag, and stock), gas tanks, gauges, tiger valve covers, 1700cc Alpine engine and trans.--plus most anything you can think of.

I would like to sell everything as a lot; however, I realize this may not be possible. Please message me and we can discuss individual needs.

P. Scofield

Bronze Level Sponsor
Old Ford,
I am in the Ann Arbor MI area for the next day or so. Any chance you are aroud this area? I could come over and pick up a couple bits I am looking for from you.
I flying so I can't take anything large.



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Interested in a Hard Top 62 SeriesII

Hello and Good day, I am hoping you have a hard top that will work with my 62 series II Alpine. Do you and if so how much would you like for it. Thanks Bruce


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Sunbeam parts

Would you have or do you know where I could get series 5 front parking lamps complete? I have a 67 Alpine. Thank you.


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Looking for gauges

I'm working on my tiger and looking for gauges. Tach, speedo, oil, clock, and temp. they don't have to be in working order. Just need to be complete and rebuildable .

I am located in N. TN.

James Barnes