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All Brit Cars

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by Pumpkin, May 9, 2007.

  1. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time

    I DO NOT HAVE ANY THING TO DO WITH THIS .. or caps either .

    British Cars Must Go - Los Angeles!

    Dear Listers,

    I just talked to Peter Petrov at Peter's Marina Motors, here in Venice, CA and he is facing a situation that is happening in many major population areas where the municipalities are starting to push automotive businesses out of town or into large warehouses in industrial areas.

    After a 10 year process of appeals and extentions, the City of Los Angeles has finally prevailed and Peter is being forced to comply - They are making him remove, once-legal metal pre-fab sections of the structure and bring the building back to its original 1940 Stucco gas station configuration. No more restorations, only "light" mechanical work, no more cars parked on the forecourt at night, etc, etc....

    The bottom line is that Peter must comply and that means that a bunch of stuff has to go within the next few weeks - he is motivated right now.

    Cars that should go:

    Hillman Husky wagon - Runs well, new tyres and brakes, stock spec alloy wheels - white tuck 'n roll seats - tuned and ready to roll - needs paint and rubber window seals - $2,500 (extra 1500 engine)

    Morris Minor van - new MGB deep purple paint, disc brakes, wire wheels, 1275, well over $10,000 in parts alone - stalled, half done project - show quality work so far - entertaining offers (not too entertaining!)

    MG TDs There are two cars - one stock and sort of complete - one is the remains of a dreadful Chevy powered hot rod - lots of extra parts - pretty much apart - four grand each??? offers? Priced fenders recently?

    MG TF - all there and restorable $10,000??

    Clean and complete Bugeye Sprite - runs great - SOLD at $5,000

    Jag XK120 roadster - clean and VERY restorable - $25,000

    A small collection of Big Healeys - all are pretty much complete and easily restorable - this was Peter's personal stash of Big Healeys that he used for "cores" for his complete, high-quality restorations - some have to go - prices will start at $12,000.

    Checker Marathon station wagon - civilian model - Chevy 6, 3-speed, air con - much less rust than most. Make offer.

    Call Peter at 310-399-8313
  2. skywords

    skywords Donation Time

    It's time to throw the tea back into the harbor again! I put with same crap from our city. Sounds like Peter had a good restoration biz going and brought in some city and state sales tax. These jerks forget where their butter comes from.

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