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65 SV "California" car in Cleveland


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I am close to pulling the trigger on this as the eventual transplant survivor of my 67 SV Cleveland car. Mine's a mud bucket with more rust scale than metal particularly on the rear x-frame at the front leaf spring shackles. I've kept it on the road for most of the last 40+ years, but I just lost a section of my badly sagging leaf springs and have fears of losing the whole rear of the car if they give way on the road.

Anyhow, came across this 65 SV here that the owner wants rid of. Says he bought it in California and had it transported here. Couldn't have come across a better prospect for keeping me on the road.

I'm wondering if any one can tell me if they know of hte history of this car. DanR said its not registered. here's the serial no. B395006042 lrx
paint code 39 and SAL 605358.

New to the list.

See also my recent post about a 62 "french" Alpine project car i ust found nearby. or reply for more info. it has an overdrive i'm interested in if it would work with my SV.


Ken Ellis

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I wouldn't wait for the history report if it otherwise looks good.
Is it titled in Ohio? In the seller's name? That's about the only thing that would dissuade me from jumping on it. Title issues are 'fixable', but a bother.


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MikeG, the OD in the Series II will only work in your SV if the entire (non-synchro) tranny, plus the flywheel, is used.


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What type overdrive would I be looking for the SV synchro transx?

Is it a reasonable modification to swap the flywheel, non-synchro transx, and overdrive and dirve shaft from a 1962 into a SV just to get the overdrive? There is a 62 for sale nearby with all of the foregoing.

Does it bolt up to the bell housing of the 1725 motor?

Anyone been in contact with Jeff Howarth lately regarding availability of his overdrive kits for a SV? I sent his an email last week but haven't heard back from him.



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Personally i think o/d transforms the alpines abilities, especially when combines with the 3.89 diff. It makes motorway driving much easier on car and driver.

An early trans ( actually majority of trans as the full sync only came in on late siv) will have the vintage gear whine in 1st... That said.. 1st is not used much in an alpine other than to get rolling.. So i think if you have access to a GOOD early od trans id do the swap.

You will need the associated clutch arm and throw out etc... Swap over the early bellhousing and get the larger flywheel..then add the mgb throw out and volvo clutch disc for a better clutch and enjoy.

However you need to know the od trans you are buying is in decent condition.

todd reid

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I did this swap years ago. The older trans bolted right up to my SV Bell. I did not have to change the clutch, flywheel, etc. If the number of splines on the trans input shaft matches your old clutch (and old trans) you should be good to go (just need a shorter driveshaft). I found the inability of the non-syncro trans to shift into first until I was at a dead stop to be mildly irritating. There is a reason why all today's transmissions are all syncro! Personally, I would never go non-synro again - I would look to adapt a modern 5 speed.

Just my personal opinion - good luck with whatever you decide!



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I agree on the modern 5 speed comment, I had a 1966 Humber Sceptre a while back with automatic trans and when it packed it in I used a Toyota steel case 5spd and it transformed the car. These were easy to work with as the bell housing detatches like the Rootes cars and the gear shift came out in the same place as original.
Having rebuilt a number of overdrive units back in the 70's it became obvious just how much stuff an overdrive has just to accomplish an extra overdriven gear and the D type unit is small inside.

Ken Ellis

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I have a Celica 5-speed trans that is 'surplus to my needs' if you decide to go non-original. (I'll have to scope out the number.)