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3rd Annual "Lap The Lake Rally" around Lake Michigan

Alpine 1789

SAOCA President
Diamond Level Sponsor
I just received the following via my club email address and wanted to pass it on for anyone who might be interested. It sounds like a fun event.

I wanted to reach out and offer your club members a special discount for our 3rd Annual "Lap The Lake Rally" around Lake Michigan!

Sunbeam Alpine Club members can use the code club15 for 15% off entry for the 2023 event, last year we sold out with 100 entered cars and a 40+ car waiting list, we are already 65% sold out for 2023 so I encourage anyone interested to act quickly!
Learn more and signup here: ramblerrallies.com

Watch a quick video about our events here:

Graham Sauser

Rambler Rallies

I have no connection to, or experience with, this organization, but more information is on their website for anyone who is interested: https://www.ramblerrallies.com/post/lap-the-lake-rally-2023-dates-cities-announced


Gold Level Sponsor
Looks like fun, but I'll be doing the same drive in August as part of a MINI Cooper event.

The start location is very close to me, so I may try to take part of a monday off and check out the departure.