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2024 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

I have to ask, How did the previous owner attach a Toyota 5 speed to that engine? Conversion kit? Which transmission was used? That would be an awesome upgrade to do.
Simple, Had drawings made of the T5 that I utilize for my V6 Conversions because they are excellent transmissions, providing the "5th gear as an overdrive that is badly needed for our Sunbeam Alpines. Then, made drawings of the Sunbeam Alpine Series I thru V Bell Housing (BH).

Laser cut a steel plate that has the necessary bolt holes for the T5 and the bellhousing from steel plate. A guide was made to true the alignment to match the two unites (T5 & BH) togerther. Threaded the adapter to utilize either bolts or studs securing together the T5 & BH.

At present, attempting to ensure mating and a clutch disc selection. I am a bit slow, Stay tuned....
I’ve found a non running Husky here in Washington I’ve lusted after for years, but two cars are enough. (Actually considering selling my second one.). Straight body. No rust. Eastern Washington car. Perfect for some type of conversion.

Your car looks great.
Here is Michael Carter's info about his June calendar cover car

My June calendar car is a 1962 Series II Alpine. It’s been in the family for 45 years, garaged, in pretty rough shape. My wife and I took it in July of 2018 and restored it back to its glory days.
The after photo was taken in my driveway in Troy, Mi. The before photo was taken as it was being hauled away from my father in laws home in Sterling Heights, Mi.