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2 Alpines and 1 Harrington entered into the Thruxton Historic FISCAR race on 21st June


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Just in case any of you are visiting the UK in June we have 3 cars entered for the June 21st Thruxton Historic meeting. The FISCAR series is limited to 1592cc cars and required Dunlop Historic tyres, i.e. no grip. Thruxton is the fastest track in the UK so is regarded as a power circuit. This means we will not be competing for the podium but maybe the weather will intervene and give us a chance. Tristan will be driving his 1961 Le Mans Alpine 3001RW, I will be in my ex-rally Le Mans and Gareth Evans will hopefully have his SII for the first time since purchase.


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Either size. But 525's are too wide for standard rims but were ok on my Ford Rostyles
Ok, update. Sunbeam won the team trophy! A very eventful day for all of us. Gareth's Sebring replica blew the head gasket after 13 laps but was considered to have done enough laps to register (both the last placed car and me in penultimate place did 13 laps). The rear screen fell out of a Triumph and bounced up cracking Tristan's windscreen on lap 3. Tristan went on to win 1st in class which was excellent. I had a tyre blowout in qualifying failing to register a time but was allowed to start from the back of the grid. Fortunately there was a tyre supplier at the circuit and I actually had to buy two tyres to get matched tyres on the axle. I ran ok albeit slower than last year and my excuse is lack of track time. 5 other cars failed to finish, one driver missed the chequered flag (and a registered lap) because he was in the pit lane and couple of drivers had penalties which did not affect the Sunbeams. Kudos to Tristan. A great day for all!


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Forever an adventure in the Sunbeam World. Well done my friend. Brings back a memory of having a drink with you, Tristan, and other Sunbeam enthusiasts at a local Pub. Best part was leaving in your Harrington Le Mans when you put the accelerator down and we sped off from the parking lot. The G-force sent my brain to the back of my skull - exhilarating.
What I didn't tell many folks was that I drove the Harrington Le Mans 1000 miles to Le Mans and back for this years 24hrs race as part of my bucket list and then straight onto the circuit so I'm doubly pleased to have survived both the trip and the race even though I annoyed a Lotus Elite driver with my lack of pace. I bet not many other entrants would have managed that.