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2.8 Ford V6 engine parts sources

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by mr.vman, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    2.8 engine in machine shop for build. Questions on sources of internal engine parts. Pistons; Where to find the desired 1.535 compression hgt. pistons? The pistons I am finding have, 1.511 compression hgt. Probably need, 020" over, 93.5mm diameter. Rod bolts, heavy duty? And many other engine parts. Appears the common sources, Summit, Jegs, Rock Auto, AutoZone, scarce listings for the 2.8. Thanks for the help. As usual, DanR has sources and his help has been appreciated.
    Steve V.
  2. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    Looks like Team Blitz will have a clutch assembly. Camshafts, Using the larger diameter Ford Range block, hence different journal size camshaft bearings. Competition Cams still has blank cores to make cams. Deciding on what cam; 38-240-4 (252 degree duration, .432"lift) or; 38-241-4 (264 degree duration, .428"lift). Reads like most listers are using the middle cam? Input on this one is needed. Competition cams also has lifters #835-12. Thanks, Steve V.
  3. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

  4. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    Afternoon searching for parts. Summit racing can get pistons with, 1.535 compression hgt. Silvolite brand; #S1174-5MM this is .020 over. Silvolite number; UEM-S1174-5MM $35.99 each X 6=$215.94. Three ring packs available, Cast iron, Chrome or Plasma Moly. Some of these sets are for a four cylinder engine, might hve to buy two sets for a set of six.
    Rod bolts; ARP 153-6001 $62.99
    Cam gear; Cam gears set? Melling; 2760SA $62.99
    Team Blitz has all kinds of parts for the 2.8. They cannot ship until April.
    Will keep looking for more parts. What about the timing cover coolant tubes? Is there a source for those?
    Steve V.

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