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2.8 EFI

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by Fergusonic, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    After doing the Offy Intake and 390 Holley for a couple seasons; I decided I would try the Holley Sniper EFI. The engine has the 36-241-4 Comp cam, 2.9 valves, ported relieved, 3 angle grind, and Headers. At around $650 for an Offy Intake I did not want to modify it for the EFI; so I utilized the stock 2bbl Intake with an adapter plate and a insulator gasket. Also had to get higher psi fuel pump. Installation wasn't too bad; the wiring brought a few questions to my lil' back-yard mechanic-pea brain. Holley and youtube videos harp on the unit being susceptable to Electromagnetic interference; so I was on edge about that.
    After entering the essentials into it's computer; I fired it up and made a couple adjustments. After a couple hiccups and adjustments it seems to be running nicely. I finally acellerated hard in 1st and 2nd gear and was pleased with it's performance..... possibly even quicker than with the carb. Still not confident in it but as time goes by; we'll see. EFI.JPG
  2. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Wow! Looks great!!
  3. Bill Eisinger

    Bill Eisinger Platinum Level Sponsor

    I'm doing the exact set up with my SI V6 conversion. We're also doing some machine work on the stock intake to improve flow.
  4. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Bradly I'm proud of you for being the tester:)

    Several others are going the same route. Will make a nice conversion from the OFY.
  5. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    It's kind of a scary thing driving a vehicle with a new fuel delivery / computerized system. If it stalls and won't start; I have no clue what to do! And on my country/ hwy drive today it had a couple times where it was like turning the key off for 1-2 seconds but then came back on and ran fine. So who knows maybe it was Learning and got all confused !! I did get on it thru 1st and 2nd gear when I got back home..... definately quicker and smoother than the Offy / 4bbl.
  6. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    With EFI, grounds are extremely important. Shielded braid on signal wires helps with EM interference. The Sniper is self learning and will get better over time.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
  7. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    If it quits running and your using Duraspark, change the spark module before messing with the EFI.


    PROCRAFT Donation Time

    Here's what I did with the Offy, also a little tweek on the inside you can't see. IMG_20210228_145905331.jpg
  9. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    Thank you for posting about your Fuel Injection. I am considering using the same system, and what appears to be a stock modified intake, like you have. Questions; What did you do for an adpater plate for the Throttle Body and intake? How tall is the adapter, if you did use an adapter? Did you need to modify the throttle arm to clear valve covers? At this time, how is the drivability compared to the four barrel? Please keep us informed as to how this is progressing.
    Steve V.
  10. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    Yes, the Intake is stock. Adapter Plate HLY-17-89 from Summit Racing is what I used and I had to add a block on the rear of it for my throttle cable mounting. The Adapter is .750" thick. There are others out there that may be less expensive. I also used an insulator gasket which is about 3/8" thick. I chose to do so because I wanted to keep the heat to the Sniper at a minimum. The Sniper I used is 550-850. Yes, I modified the throttle arm so it would clear the valve covers by simply cutting off the automatic transmission kick-down part of it's brkt. The hood has clearance with my 2 1/4" tall Air Cleaner.
    The drivability is an improvement over the Offy / 390 cfm combo in my opinion. It starts much better, it accelerates smoother, and when I accelerate hard; it is quicker.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2021
  11. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    All that being said; I will also say that I have a slight problem that I think is due to EMI . Occasionally it will shut off for 1-2 seconds and then come back on like nothing ever happened. I am in the process of wrapping the Sniper wires/cables with EMI Shielding. Hopefully I can test drive in a couple days.
  12. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2021
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    PROCRAFT Donation Time

  14. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    Good read. I'll be checking stuff.
    Mike Armstrong likes this.

    PROCRAFT Donation Time

    So Jim I'm reading the info you posted very interesting all good advice some things you might not be able to attain on these V6 motors with a Sniper.
    I liked the comment about wrapping Bradley thinks it's the way to go having experienced the symptoms,the picture I posted shows you've got 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag, also the comment about the co2 sensor is what Holly say's but only after asking,there not
    Very forth coming with their info.
  16. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Very interesting Jim. The MegaSquirt people insist that everything go to the MegaSquirt, then grounded to the block. Rootes Racer insisted that everything terminate at the battery, the wheel goes 'round and 'round.

  17. Fergusonic

    Fergusonic Donation Time

    My thought was that wrapping the Sniper wires with Shielding tape couldn't hurt..,,,, worth a try. I'll also route my spark plug wires coming out of the cap to the rear of the cap / by the firewall. And who knows what else.
  18. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    Nothing wrong with this but ground ONLY one end of each cable. Grounding both ends can cause more problems than it solves.
  19. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2021
  20. loose_electron

    loose_electron Donation Time

    That's valid for a sensor shield going back to a receiver. Within a hard chassis ground to suppress EMI noise from a cable you can ground both ends. In the case of a car, frame grounds at either end are good for suppressing something noisy. Shielding a signal from noise is where you want one end only of the shield grounded, at the grounded end should be at the receiving end only.

    What are you doing to locally filter all the wires going back to the electronic controller? Power and signal wires?

    If you got some decent documentation for what's there point me at it and I can make some suggestions on how to improve things.

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