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1725 engine origin

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by robertf, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    There are no serial numbers below the distributor on my 1725 block, and the other side is stamped "FRANCE".

    There is no build date on the cylinder head, only the part # 1980981.

    I have a cylinder head from Alpine Addict that is 1980987, says h66 on it (1966?) and it is almost the same but has a few different features and a few less exhaust manifold bolt holes.

    Is this an aftermarket block?
  2. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    I've misplaced my good camera, so ipod photos will have to do for now


  3. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    The serial numbers are stamped across where the oil filter/cooler block are mounted on the flat machined for the filter block/cooler.

    If this is blank then odds are you have a service block, or one of the blocks from Iran.
  4. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Bronze Level Sponsor

    The cylinder head on the left is the very late style that didn't have the spark plug tubes. It's springs & spring shims are very different, so don't mix them up with early head parts.
  5. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    well I checked and you are correct, very different.

    well my plan was to swap a valve spring shim over, but thats not going to happen. Hope the machine shop can find one.
  6. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    I took some higher resolution pictures. The distributors,alternators,and crankshaft bolts are different between the 2 engines. Which ones are the correct to use?



  7. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

  8. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    The dizzy on the newer motor looks like a 45D, not sure of the curve, but it should at least work.

    The crankshaft bolts? Not sure what you mean but if you are talking about the damper bolt, dont use the one pictured (for hand cranking the engine), they are almost impossible to tighten to spec.

    On the alternator, the bottom one is "correct", the top one may be better as it may have a built in regulator.

    You probably havent considered this but your pushrods are wrong too.
    Those are lighter but also weaker than the earlier 3 piece pushrods.
  9. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    thanks, the pushrods are new, but they matched the ones that came out of that engine. Do the pics give you any clue to the vintage of it? I know about the Iran blocks, but the "France" casting is throwing me off.

    forgot to take a picture of the fuel pump. one has a glass bowl, one doesn't. which is correct for a low serial # series V?
  10. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    The pushrods you have were used on the latest of the 1725s used in the angled sunbeam alpines and rapiers (68 and later).

    SV alpines should have the glass bowl (some have a priming lever), if you arent put off by the non-correctness the steel pump is probably fine.

    Also the springs you have in your "new" head are not the correct ones either (though this may not matter if your head guy did his job).
    The original springs for those pushrods and that late head are "single" springs.
    The installed height and spring rate is different from the earlier double springs.

    You have quite a mixture of parts there.
  11. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    those are the springs that were on it when the car was purchased.

    It did run when purchased, but had more block sealant than coolant in the cylinder head.
  12. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    Well if they were on it when it was purchased, then they must be right;).

    Be very sure to check for coil bind when you get the rockers back on...
  13. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    hah, good point. You should see the rest of this car.

    I believe its got a series 2 or 3 hood and grill, at least its got no rust and I don't think much bondo other than an odd fiberglass patch in the hood and a former antenna hole.
  14. puff4

    puff4 Diamond Level Sponsor

    I love the nifty homemade viewing port into the rotating bits. :p

    Oiling tube into the timing chain area seems to be missing - I assume you have removed that?

    That French block casting also seems to have another 3-hole mounting site cast into it on the intake side.
  15. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    yeah oiling tube was removed. It'll go back on once the ultrasonic tank is done with it :D

    Those side mounts are on both sides. I'm guessing they are the motor mounts for something Chrysler.
  16. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    Yes, even late SV engines had the side mounts cast and machined.

    From what I understand some factory surplus blocks were on the market in the 80s. Rick at SS supposedly was going to sell them but somehow they got sold out from under him and made there way to Iran as Peykan spares...
  17. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time


    the blocks with the side mountings were used in the arrow and hunter range. the engines were set at an angle typical of the chrysler slant six style.
  18. sunbeam74

    sunbeam74 Silver Level Sponsor

    France markings

    There were knock-down kits assembled in France. The chassis were marked as such. Maybe the engines were stampped too?

  19. robertf

    robertf Donation Time

    well it doesn't matter now

    so close. I need to get some replacement studs for the exhaust manifold and clean those up and bolt it up with the intake, then its installation time


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