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  1. Pumpkin

    A few parts left over

    I have two Mechanical tachometers, a couple of amp gages, oil pressure gage and a fuel gage. One Tach I took out of the pumpkin B-4 I put in the elec one. The rest if some one wants/needs these.. 30.00 US plus postal . My zip is 97015. Cash snail mail is good. :D Thanks chuck Please PM me...
  2. Pumpkin

    Truth or what?

    Terrorist Alerts! The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats, and have therefore raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved". Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross". The English have not been "A Bit...
  3. Pumpkin

    1962 Sunbeam Alpine Series II

    Ladies and gentlemen: I have sold the Pumpkin this week, it will be leaving my stable before the Holiday weekend. After 15+ years of shining and greasing And I might add taking so many awards.:D We thought it best to let it go. A lot of people have given Jane and I credit for a fine...
  4. Pumpkin

    Alpine Car and Parts For Sale

    Car is sold, parts will be sold at the Portland ABFM, in Portland OR 5 Sept
  5. Pumpkin

    Interesting Rapier Pic

    Take another look at the lights?? They look like one of the same, there is a large one and a small one, but it looks like they are not a pair? but two of the same stuck in each side??:confused: Chuck
  6. Pumpkin

    Alpine Car and Parts For Sale

    Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale Bill, I sent you a PM Chuck
  7. Pumpkin

    Alpine Car and Parts For Sale

    http://picasaweb.google.com/ChuckaDemus/CarPictures1963SunbeamAlpine# Many parts are going with or with out the car at the Sunday sale in Portland OR. ABFM . List is too long to put here. Chuck
  8. Pumpkin

    Want a Alpine!

    I sent you a PM. Chuck in Oregon
  9. Pumpkin

    Yokohama tires

    Ohan, wish I were closer. Those are great tires. If the Pumpkin doesn't go this next week it is going for some of those. Take care Chuck and Jane
  10. Pumpkin

    West Coast Invasion??

    Hey Mikey, where the heck are you , Nirobia? :eek: All though I live in Oregon it would not be a test on my car to drive it to Maine, Florida or any where else. It is nothing for us to do a 1100 mile trip up into and round Western Canada Washington and such. I do understand the time it...
  11. Pumpkin

    Not getting home tonight

    Yeh, been goofing off miself. traveling with the bride . Went 9200 miles pulling the camper to MO and back. Had a great time. Have The Pumpkin already to go to the show here in abfm-pdx.com this next weekend. Come down over the holiday to the show.. Cheers\ Chuck
  12. Pumpkin

    West Coast Invasion??

    When ? I have some ideas, though will be next year 2011, plus I am with a camping group. The PNW is a Great area and The local clubs have no idea on how to make ado. . I read that OHAN in Vancouver in BC is a likely. Yes. Wonderful man and a lot of skills putting things together.. In order to...
  13. Pumpkin

    Not getting home tonight

    NOW THAT you are all excited! Wheewooo!:confused: Tracy are you coming down to the Portland ABFM? Chuck
  14. Pumpkin

    Check out this beauty!

    Get to the Portland All Brit Meet over the next holiday weekend and see two of these beauties. The All British Field Meet , largest on the west coast features, all British made vehicles, so far over 150 registered. Usually about 300 showing.:) Chuck http://www.abfm-pdx.com/2010/index.htm
  15. Pumpkin

    All British Field Meet and Car Show At Portland OR

    See you at the ABFM Portland , Saturday and Sunday Sept 4-5.. I will have The Pumpkin there and am registered for a sale spot. On Sunday the car will be there to take a look.. Chuck
  16. Pumpkin

    1962 Sunbeam Alpine Series II

    YEP!! I have tried to sell mine for a couple of years now. The guys here in the NW are just too darn picky? Mine has been in so many shows and taken several First, seconds and thirds my shelve are full. The car is nice, has a 1725, Weber, OD transmission and all new seals. Garaged all the...
  17. Pumpkin

    1962 Sunbeam Alpine Series II

    Gee Bill , You are so "in expensive" on the price, I guess I'd best give mine away, I figure you would be asking at least 20 for it. I have 12,5 in stuff in my 62/63 and can't even give it away at that. I am going to auction it off in Sept to just get rid of the garage queen. Chuck
  18. Pumpkin

    Feature of the Months

    I do not know how many of these I have looked at and thought, Geez, this guy really put a lot into this, even with help of a good buddy there is a lot of work in it. AT THIS TIME OF DAY << FINALLY I SAY THANKS GUYS FOR PUTTING THESE TOGETHER !!<<< Chuck
  19. Pumpkin

    zero feedback (0)

    I just happen to have a couple of wooden nickels:) CHuck
  20. Pumpkin

    Tire Size Conversion

    Bill I tried to copy and paste , but the format won't work right but I am going to try to set up an tiny url for it.. IF that is what you were inferring? http://tinyurl.com/tire-sizes CHuck