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    Reverse Issue

    Perhaps this helps. The chassis prefix is B940 so from Mr Barker’s book it indicates a SIV with synchromesh on 2, 3, and 4. I was told it’s all original or OEM replacement with the exception of the carb and fuel pump
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    Reverse Issue

    Haven't started the restoration process yet on my '64 SIV GT and wanted to cruise the neighborhood a bit before the tear down. Will not go into reverse. The shifter will move to the left but will not go back. I searched the forum and saw the issue mentioned before. I checked the screws under...
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    Carb Linkage Needed

    Just starting to inventory my needs to restore my '64 SIV. The PO changed the carb to a Rochester with some "Frankenstein" linkage. The operating lever and the part attached to the accelerator are missing. I intend on replacing the manifold/carb setup with one of Jerome's from Alpine...
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    Finished 1967 Alpine bucket seats

    Wow, your work is amazing! I'd love to get an estimate from you to do something similar to mine
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    New Owner

    B 9406842 - I added it to the registry yesterday
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    New Owner

    Fulfilled one of my teenage dreams and finally purchased an Alpine. It’s a ’64 Series IV GT with only 35K original miles on it. It sat in a shed most of its life so it’s in dire need of some paint and interior TLC. It runs and drives and the motor and tranny seem fine (haven’t fully analyzed...