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  1. nsbluenose

    Rear axle not parallel with front axle

    ‘something that causes the car sliding over it's tires?’ What the heck is that? Personally I would put it back together, see how it works and if things are out of spec, have a second, even a third mechanical inspection/opinion.
  2. nsbluenose

    Alpine Engine Bay to Scan

  3. nsbluenose

    2024 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    Interesting. Please tell us how this is being done.
  4. nsbluenose

    2024 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    Eric, I have to ask, How did the previous owner attach a Toyota 5 speed to that engine? Conversion kit? Which transmission was used? That would be an awesome upgrade to do.
  5. nsbluenose

    ‘59 Singer Gazelle for sale California

    Yes, it’s too bad rare doesn’t translate into more dollars for these cars. There are not many, especially in this condition and originality.
  6. nsbluenose

    ‘59 Singer Gazelle for sale California

    No connection to seller. Nice looking car. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/CzrR6z1yrXkEKqjG/?mibextid=K35XfP
  7. nsbluenose

    No spark frustration

    You have spark. Listen to mxp01, do you have fuel delivery?
  8. nsbluenose

    No spark frustration

    Put in a new rotor. You might think they don’t go bad but they do.
  9. nsbluenose

    2024 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    Second day of a three day blizzard here in Nova Scotia. About a foot of snow down and blowing hard. Not fun!
  10. nsbluenose

    What color should I paint my Tiger?

    White with red hardtop. Sharp!
  11. nsbluenose

    TE/AE United 41 August 15-18, 2024 West Lebanon, New Hampshire

    What night is the banquet planned? Thanks.
  12. nsbluenose

    Fun Alpine Pictures

    Picture from the 60’s of Canada’s Air Force, (RCAF), aerobatics team, the Golden Hawks, in front of the CL-13 Sabre jets they flew. I do not know what Series this Alpine is
  13. nsbluenose

    Happy Holidays!

    To you as well.
  14. nsbluenose


    I copied patterns from old carpets, made patterns where old carpet pieces were missing and took these to my car upholstery guy. These guys can almost always supply the carpet you want or you can bring in what you want. They can also do the binding, which can be difficult for diy’er on inside...
  15. nsbluenose

    Can a Car be Possessed?

    Have you owned or driven a Singer Gazelle? Just saying…
  16. nsbluenose

    1968 Tour Regalia

    Any one know the history behind this tour? It’s made of a heavy cotton. Roughly 14 x 15 inches. Could be car, or motorcycle, or bicycle tour!
  17. nsbluenose

    Alpine in Utah.

    Looks solid, decent price. No connection to seller. https://www.facebook.com/groups/7687137043/permalink/10161472412962044/?mibextid=W9rl1R
  18. nsbluenose

    Stowe, British Invasion

    My Singer won 1st in its category at the British Invasion at Stowe. Many wonderful cars attended.
  19. nsbluenose

    Sunbeam Alpine in Maine

    Spotted in driveway about 25 miles east of Bangor, Maine on Rt 9. No engine, looks much worse than it actually is. No one around to ask its status.