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  1. watisit

    Tire Recommendations 13”

    There you go. I had them (still do on the wheels) I changed to 15’s. If you were close you can come and get them. Cheers
  2. watisit

    Series I Cantrails

    Hi Bill, not sure what the difference is? I have an excellent set from my series ll. I was going to list them for sale next week. Just message me if they will work. No worries if not. Cheers Jason
  3. watisit

    Windscreens from Moss Motors

    just add to this..... i bought my last screens for my series II from them (Pilkington). I bought the last three they had in stock. One went into my car and the last two have been stored and just sold in the "for sale section here" when I spoke to a long time employee, real person to place the...
  4. watisit

    Very nice series II Factory Hard Top

    Deposit taken/pending sold. Cheers
  5. watisit

    Early series original tonneau cover for sale

    Hello…..I have an early series tonneau cover for sale. It’s in great great condition. I have had it installed on my series II in the past. $250 obo plus shipping. Cheers Jason
  6. watisit

    1962 Mazda Powered Alpine B9106052LRX For Sale on BaT

    Thanks! It was never going to win any “best in show awards” just wanted a very fun reliable car that I could leave for a month or so and know it would start right up with no problems. Hopefully it will be up to next person to sort the finer visual points off. The exhaust was the original Miata...
  7. watisit

    1962 Mazda Powered Alpine B9106052LRX For Sale on BaT

    its been a while but i thought i used a dodge colt master cylinder, I will check as i still have an empty box. For some reason this also rings a bell https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/quality-built,m51801,master+cylinder,1836 I will check I used the existing Alpine trans mount and just reworked...
  8. watisit

    1962 Mazda Powered Alpine B9106052LRX For Sale on BaT

    I'm sure there will be PLENTY nits picked by all the key board warriors that never actually bid on anything...... Correct! he is a preferred dealer with BAT and can get a quick turn around on listing applications. Also his location is just minutes away from where I store my cars and he offered...
  9. watisit

    1962 Mazda Powered Alpine B9106052LRX For Sale on BaT

    That's mine, :) Its been a great fun reliable fun car but unfortunately its time to pass it on due to a change in my personal circumstances. Not sure how responsive the consignment dealer is to questions or knowledge but I'm very happy to answer any questions as it been my baby and I did all the...
  10. watisit

    “Fake” wire wheels for sale

    Hi Don, Mike H is correct. 175/80R13. I put new tires on the wheels then decided I wanted a different look on the car so changed them out to a different wheel style. Open to offers. I'd to them to get used by another Apline owner as they do clean up nice! if not, I will just chuck them in with...
  11. watisit

    Very nice series II Factory Hard Top

    New window and seal, new interior head liner. 2 very small indents due from storage. See pics. $1500 or best offer. Pick up only from MD 21230. Cheers Jason
  12. watisit

    “Fake” wire wheels for sale

    Set of five, four with new tires. Had them on my series II. Only changed them as I wanted to go with a different look on the car. Pick up only from MD 21230. $450 or best offer. Cheers Jason
  13. watisit

    Series I and II new windscreen and rubber for sale

    Hi Dan, Thanks! not to deter from this original topic but yes I do have a lot of Series II parts (some NOS parts) that I would like to part with rather than just bundle them with the sale of the car. Also, I do have a really nice factory hardtop with new widow/seal and head liner. I have lots of...
  14. watisit

    Series I and II new windscreen and rubber for sale

    Hello fellow Sunbeamers, I’m not here to say or comment on whats available elsewhere or at what prices. If you can find others available then please stock up. I only bought the 3 at the time as the sales rep told me they were not going to make any more after that run. All I know is what I have...
  15. watisit

    Series I and II new windscreen and rubber for sale

    Hello, I’m down sizing my parts collection and cars. My Miata powered Alpine will be going and listed later. I have a brand new Pilkington glass (2 of them) and rubber (only one) for sale. I paid $360 for each windscreen and $160 for the new seal. I would like to get back what I paid for them...
  16. watisit

    Backup lights

    I also used a VW one but from a Beetle, comes with a bracket and just turned it upside down. fitted great! https://www2.cip1.com/vwc-181-941-072-b/
  17. watisit

    Fun Alpine Pictures

    Oh, that reminds me…… Cheers!
  18. watisit

    Brake and clutch pedals

    I’m using the same set up on mine Cheers