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Search results

  1. StefanD

    Looking for an upper valance...

    Thanks for the link. It looks like we really do learn something new every day... I guess what I am looking for is not the upper front valance. I am looking to replace the area between the headlights and above the grille.
  2. StefanD

    Looking for an upper valance...

    If anyone has an upper front valance they are looking to sell please let me know, either here or PM. Thanks, Stefan
  3. StefanD

    Impin Seattle

    If I were not getting ready to have my car painted...
  4. StefanD

    Queen's English show Sunday March 14th

    A few pics form the show...
  5. StefanD

    Queen's English show Sunday March 14th

    Hey Jim, From your profile pic, your Sunbeam looks nicer than my nasty old car looks. Is your car running right now? As the weather is getting nicer, it could be cool to head out for a drive one day. Let me know if you are up for it. I know what you mean, I catch a ton of slack from my...
  6. StefanD

    Queen's English show Sunday March 14th

    Anybody thinking of heading down to Woodley Park for the Queen's English show? You can get more info here. I have been the last couple year, it is a great little show.
  7. StefanD

    67 Alpine For Sale

    What is the car all the way in the back?
  8. StefanD

    67 Heater Valve

    That's the one!
  9. StefanD

    67 Heater Valve

    Thanks, I will give them a buzz in the AM. The MG valve looks like the earlier valve, not the one used in 67. Thanks Again Stefan
  10. StefanD

    67 Heater Valve

    Does anyone have one laying around they would like to part with? Mine leaks, and I would love to have my heater working. Is there a decent replacement off of anything else? Sunbeam Specialties is out of them with no solid answer when they we will be able to get any more. I know I know, I...
  11. StefanD

    wanted: Christensen intake

    The manifold on the right is the one that was on my Sunbeam when I bought it, or at least looks the same. Mine says Superspeed by Griffiths on it.
  12. StefanD

    clutch master / slave

    Mine has a Wilwood in it as well, it is a 3/4 bore and I believe the part number is 260-1304.
  13. StefanD

    oil in the plug holes

    Its the word 'internal' that I was hoping I would not see.:o
  14. StefanD

    oil in the plug holes

    Is there a solution/fix to this problem that anyone knows of? I have a couple weepy spark plug tubes.
  15. StefanD

    Shocks... again

    It is time to buy some shocks for my SV. At this time, I can not afford SPAX or Konis. I have been searching to forums and found a reference to KYBs, does anyone have a part number for these? Are there any other decent alternatives? Thanks
  16. StefanD

    Fall Drive Event in Southern California

    I am looking forward to it. The ride and the poolside cocktails.
  17. StefanD

    Fall Drive Event in Southern California

    I half expected to have one already;)
  18. StefanD

    1964 Commer Poptop Van Camper on Craig's List

    Came by this while looking at Craig's List. It can be found here.
  19. StefanD

    photo, link or diagram showing Series V heater valve bracket

    As does mine. I would snap a pic, but mine is off the car right now, waiting for a new, non-leaking, replacement.
  20. StefanD

    opening hood

    There is a short wire installed on mine that runs from the latch to under the dash that I can pull just in case the stock cable breaks or comes off. It was installed by the PO, maybe one of the best things he did. I hear it is fairly common, maybe take a peek under your dash to see if there is...