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Search results

  1. dmich2

    Bring A Trailer Tiger

    This popped up on my phone this morning. In Colorado. https://bringatrailer.com/sunbeam/tiger/
  2. dmich2

    Brits at the Battle Ship

    Nope.....Eric taught me this one. The "N" is upside down.
  3. dmich2

    Brits at the Battle Ship

    That's all folks.
  4. dmich2

    Brits at the Battle Ship

    Just these....
  5. dmich2

    Brits at the Battle Ship

    Here's a few. Anyone notice anything in the least photo???
  6. dmich2

    Rootes Archive Center

    Bill. Hope you can take a joke, but I couldn't pass on this one. You opened yourself up my friend. You live on a street named after you. :p
  7. dmich2

    Ignition switch wiring

    OH.....Got it. Thanks.
  8. dmich2

    Ignition switch wiring

    Thanks again. Just to make sure I'm correct, see below.
  9. dmich2

    Ignition switch wiring

    I just realized I confused the double pronged tabs at 6 oclock with the light switch hookup . The dash/tail-light don't connect to the ignition switch.....duh.. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Dennis
  10. dmich2

    Ignition switch wiring

    OK. As my re-wiring saga continues, I decided when ordering new panel switches I'd also replace the aftermarket ignition switch the PO had installed. All good, nice new ignition switch and tumbler with keys. :) However, there are no numbers on the posts. Hummm. It's probably something...
  11. dmich2

    Switch mounting in wooden dash??

    Thanks Jim. The photos helped a lot.
  12. dmich2

    Switch mounting in wooden dash??

    I do, thanks
  13. dmich2

    Switch mounting in wooden dash??

    I'm in the process of rewiring my SIV. I purchased all new switches for the blower, wipers, lights and panel from Classic Sunbeam . I have an after market wooden dash, i.e., my brother custom made the dash using a blank loaned to me as the pattern. He used a solid piece of oak in cutting out...
  14. dmich2

    Fuel sending unit gasket

    Would this one be for the Alpines? Says "various models" RING, sealing, sending unit Various - See "Where Used" Tab 293-410 $2.99
  15. dmich2

    Going.... going.... gone!

    Very nice looking Alpine.
  16. dmich2

    13" wheels

    In searching the Ebay UK site they appear to be BWA wheels. ( and I see the first photo, BWA is stamped on it.....I'm so smart. :eek: ) There were several sets listed in various sizes. Not sure if they are aftermarket or came standard on some Eenglish Ford models. Neat wheels. Dennis
  17. dmich2

    Ford OHC 'Pinto' engine in Alpine

    Hey Bill Blue. Didn't you do the Pinto 4 banger years ago? I thought that's what you were running the first time I met you at Ian's in Ohio? in like 2006? Dennis
  18. dmich2

    Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC March 23-24

    Brothers from another mother.........:eek:
  19. dmich2

    Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC March 23-24

    Cold kilting Warm Kilting !!!! (preferred )
  20. dmich2

    Dual brake master cylinders as in 2 anyone do it?

    Steve. Where did you source the individual reservoirs for your master cyl? I don't see them listed on the Rockauto site? Dennis