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  1. jdoclogan

    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    I sent you a PM
  2. jdoclogan

    Hardtop color?

    Alpine 64 (Michael), I did like driving your sweet ride without the top on Australia's "Great Ocean Road" in 2014. Thanks for the lasting memories.
  3. jdoclogan

    Fun Alpine Pictures

    Researching car dealerships in Toronto, Canada. Found this Hillman Dealership:
  4. jdoclogan

    Alpine Series 3 GT new owner

    Two Sunbeam and one Jaguar project..... Mmmm I'm good for now.
  5. jdoclogan

    Alpine Series 3 GT new owner

    Ken, small World. I'm in Spokane and currently have two (2) Tigers, two (2) Harrington Le Mans, Sebring Alpine, SCCA 60s racing Alpine, Original Series III, two (2) Series IVs, significant amount of parts. PM me and we can get together sometime in the near future.
  6. jdoclogan

    Anyone know whose Harrington this is?

    The April, 1962 Sports Car Graphic (SCG) Harrington Le Mans (HLM) was in the official Rootes factory HLM's promotional photo. Interesting note in the SCG article this HLM never came with an overdrive. Quote: "Our test car was not equipped with the optional overdrive." It subsequently appeared...
  7. jdoclogan

    Hardtop color?

    My Sebring Alpine came with a white top.
  8. jdoclogan

    Hardtop color?

    I'm aware that the typical Sunbeam factory hardtop was black. However,I purchased my Series III GT from the original owner. This Carnival Red Alpine came with the matching Carnival Red hardtop as it sat on the Jaremko Dealership floor in 1963. I was told that is how it came from the Rootes factory.
  9. jdoclogan

    Alpine Innovations Weber Carb Conversion

    DW, I totally agree. Hopefully, when I get to the Dyno tests that I want to do for my numbers matching Harrington Le Mans engine. The comparison between 32/36 and 38/38 will become more enlightened. By the seat of the pants I would say, "Yes" to the 38/38. Getting such a setup would require...
  10. jdoclogan

    The Simpson/Collins 289 Tiger on BAT

    I see Bret Simpson's former Tiger that Dennis Collins purchased is now on BAT. Apparently, as I viewed the Worldwide auction in January, it did not sale for $57,000 bid after the auction. The Tiger is at the Collins Brothers Jeep dealership in Texas...
  11. jdoclogan

    Fun Alpine Pictures

    A Facebook site that focus' on Los Angeles and Hollywood:https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=817794447034762&set=a.405468084934069
  12. jdoclogan

    Series IV Drivers Side Window

    It is downloaded to your computer as a PDF.
  13. jdoclogan

    Carb/Exhaust Configurations for Dyno test

    Don, after a thorough investigation into the cast headers my findings determine the cast headers to be a horrible component. Rootes must have been dropping their quality control. Note my following findings: I took three cast headers from my parts pile. I measured each inlet and discovered...
  14. jdoclogan


    Don, I was just at the Goodwood Revival last September. Nothing like the three Spitfires providing everyone a magnificent show at 8 am doing maneuvers over the old air field. No one was that close to the flying planes. Sheeeesh!!! What the .........
  15. jdoclogan

    Early Harrington LeMans for sale

    Thanks Reg. From your statement I believe that is why Janne Iggbom believed yours to be a Canadian Demo (promotional) SLH/HLM (as per noted in the Le Mans Part1 registry https://www.sunbeamalpineowners.club/Harrington/registries_hlm_1.html#! After I got my HLM I became aware of the burnt HLM...
  16. jdoclogan

    Carb/Exhaust Configurations for Dyno test

    Agree with your last thoughts Don. However, I will test the 32/36 against the 38/38. I have run both and by the seat of my pants I think 38/38 is giving me a better sensation of power.
  17. jdoclogan

    Carb/Exhaust Configurations for Dyno test

    Yes, 38DCOE is rare. I had and may still have access to NOS in the box 38s. 38s are the same body as 40s except for 38 vs 40 outlet. Dellortos are virtually the same configuration as the Webers. I'm taking note of setups. I put cast iron in pile. This is my professor question of the day...
  18. jdoclogan

    Carb/Exhaust Configurations for Dyno test

    Getting closer to a Dyno test on Street and Race 1592 engines. These are the Carb configurations: Left to Right: 32/36 Weber 38/38 Weber 38 Weber DOCEs 40 Dellortos 45 Weber DOCEs I will also test three different exhaust headers: My 4 into 1 Atalla header and stock header
  19. jdoclogan

    Early Harrington LeMans for sale

    Well done Reg. Have you got any owner history? I can't recall when you bought this SHL/HLM.
  20. jdoclogan

    HLM - Dashboard formica

    Wonderful explanation Chad. I think replicating the original faux fiddleback formica in my HLMs would be near impossible. Bernd, I spent sometime searching for Burl wood faux products that might serve our needs. For me, with the Lyrad project, I might use this California Burl Walnut. I...