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  1. sunbeam74

    Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival

    From back in the day....
  2. sunbeam74

    Moss/Pickering Alpine

    The Brabham/Moss Alpine, shared at Riverside, was from Bud Rose's dealership in Walnut, Creek. Out west it was pretty common to have a cover over the rear deck. I don't know who started it but it cleaned up the back of the car. Below is the same car... #48 with Froinies driving. #1 at...
  3. sunbeam74

    Moss/Pickering Alpine

    One key connection between the #41 and the Ray Pickering Alpine below.... according to David Duncan, he had a photo of Ray with #89 and it was noted on the back of the photo the car had "radio communications". I believe this reinforces that #41 was actually #7 of Moss. It simply went out...
  4. sunbeam74

    Moss/Pickering Alpine

    Here's another good video from Santa Barbara... they're a bit hard on these cars. I am pretty sure #185 is "Elizabeth" which was Ralph Bowyer's ex-Sebring Alpine. Ralph lived in Salt Lake City. Ralph and his wife named it after Elizabeth Taylor.
  5. sunbeam74

    Moss/Pickering Alpine

    So, this is just a guess but the ownership/race timeline: 1961 Sebring 1961 Riverside Times GP enduro (Moss #7, engine failed and Brabham/Moss shared "Rosebud" which was the Bud Rose dealership owned alpine) 1961-70 Ray Pickering races it in California and mid-60's moves to Lawrence, KS...
  6. sunbeam74

    Moss/Pickering Alpine

    Regarding the antennae on the 1961 #41 Alpine. All I know is it was some type of radio communications. How this was used during the race I just have no idea but it was very rare. Interesting enough, I believe #41 went out west for the Riverside Time GP enduro and was to be the driven...
  7. sunbeam74

    Richard (Dick) Waite

    Clarifying the fuel filler incident at Sebring it was the Sebring Pit Marshal who damaged the filler. The seal had to be cut by the marshal. This letter telling about the weekend was from Dick: Steven, The following is a rather rambling story about the Sebring Harrington LeMans adventure...
  8. sunbeam74

    Richard (Dick) Waite

    Kevin, I raced the Rapier most of the time - shortly after buying it Dick became ill. Dick and I had gone together and bought a Minx to race in the VSCCA Sedan class. Then in 2015 we noticed the Rapier was for sale in England. It is a neat car and both the Rapier and Minx were...
  9. sunbeam74

    Wanted: Sunbeam Owners Club Badge

    You might want to check with Rick at Sunbeam Specialties. He had the smaller versions, lapel pins, produced by somebody. Maybe they could simply scale up the artwork they have and produce a batch.
  10. sunbeam74

    Open Spring pressure

    I've used Smith Bros.. The push rods look good and I've had no issues. Steve
  11. sunbeam74

    Racing photos

    Unfortunately , John Wilson passed away a few years ago. It was only a mater of time before his photography business website went away. I keep hoping to see John's collection show up in the Revs Institute photos (The Collier Collection)...
  12. sunbeam74

    Sunbeam Alpine Race car

    One of Len Amato's old race cars. Neat car. Very original. Magnesium knock-off Mini-lites. Located in MA. If interested send a PM.
  13. sunbeam74

    1961 Hillman Minx IIIC and 1961 Sunbeam Rapier available

    In New England the Hillman Minx and Sunbeam Rapier I had raced in the VSCCA are both available. (These were very stock but that was the requirements of the Sedan Class in VSCCA) They are great on the street and lots of fun but need attention now. I can put you in touch with the family who...
  14. sunbeam74

    For Jerry and Steve who missed out on Prescott 2020

    The event looks great and a really nice course! I sure hope you had fun as I would have loved to have been there. Sadly, Mt Washington was cancelled for us. I am a bit dubious we'll have Mt Equinox. Oh well... I can get some maintenance done this year. Steve
  15. sunbeam74

    1st Rootes factory LSD in a racing Harrington Le Mans?

    There was an early batch of LSD's made by Doane for Rootes (around April of 62) but these were 10 spline Dana units which required 10 spline Axles. Steve
  16. sunbeam74

    Sunbeam Alpine Road Race Drivers 1966-1968

    I believe this is the Alpine Jim Dittemore. First it was raced by Jack Brabham, then Chuck Parsons, and on... http://forum.sunbeamalpine.org/index.php?media/la-times-grand-prix-for-sports-cars-1962.904/full Just behind it you can see Ted Block's Alpine.
  17. sunbeam74

    Sunbeam Alpine Road Race Drivers 1966-1968

    I can't share the picture but Elmo Grimsgarrd crashed at Santa Barbara. Scary picture since it shows the car on the roll bar, which should have been 6" taller and Elmo's crushed down underneath to roll bar height. Amazing he walked away: 1966 Automobile RACING WRECK photograph of an accident...
  18. sunbeam74

    Sunbeam Alpine Road Race Drivers 1966-1968

    I do have a east coast and west coast Excel Spreadsheet file with many of the drivers names/event/result I could find racing from 1960-mid 70's. It isn't anywhere near complete but does have a lot. (I've added notes below). 8 , Silver , Jim Dittemore , Redondo Beach (I am pretty sure...
  19. sunbeam74

    Looking for patch panels for series 2

    Londoner, sent you a PM. I'll look through some of my records. Steve
  20. sunbeam74

    #41 Sebring Alpine Rear Ends

    I have a drawing created by HJ Meyer of Sports Car Forum which he starts with a Plymouth rear axle and then tapered to fit the Alpine hub. Looking at the drawing I am assuming the axle is a 10 spline at the start. Overall it is beefier than the Alpine axle. I can't recall if Don or Dan...