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  1. boss-tiger

    67 SV Alpine RHD for sale

    looks like a very nice car, what $ range are you asking for your car
  2. boss-tiger

    Early Alpine hardtop gutter trim

    Have a nice pair of early hardtop gutter trim - make me an offer (no clue re. value - any input appreciated).
  3. boss-tiger

    Have a few more heater control bezels $150

    $150 refurbished heater dash control bezel includes shipping up to $15. I finished and have 4 more available (3/12/24). I guarantee that no good cores were harmed. Stripped to bare metal, check stud threads, sanded, primed, 3+ topcoats satin black, 2500g wet sand, lettered, 2+ topcoats...
  4. boss-tiger

    Difference between an Alpine and a Tiger in the Engine Compartment

    my bad - still going to be a fun ride. Curious what HP can turbo 4 cyl Alpine get?
  5. boss-tiger

    Difference between an Alpine and a Tiger in the Engine Compartment

    My thought would be to enjoy what you have and if it aint broke, ya probaby don't need to fix it - ha. Your turbo V6 sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. boss-tiger

    Looking for a boot Luggage Rack.

    Try Sports Car Craftsmen (Denver, CO (303) 422-9272), then have tons of all makes British sports car parts including Sunbeam and probably have a luggage rack. My guess would be that the MG ones would fit, possibly only a different style for you earlier S2. Good luck
  7. boss-tiger

    Tiger Parts Stash

    back in mid 70's, Santa Maria news paper classified cars for sale section, went something like this .. '65 sprite, V8, must sell, am afraid ..
  8. boss-tiger

    What color should I paint my Tiger?

    Strongly recommend you pay the up front option of getting a color card so you can see and decide before buying any paint. Compare in different light sources - If you have not priced paint and required supplies lately you are in for an unfortunate supprise.
  9. boss-tiger

    What color should I paint my Tiger?

    I found this color and really like this for #86 color code - there are way to many Forest Green, BRG, etc - and many I do not like .. but this color IMO is very nice and even looks better outside with sunshine.
  10. boss-tiger

    Gas leak crossover pipe connectors

    agree with probably good idea to change the hoses
  11. boss-tiger

    SOLD 1966 Sunbeam Tiger shell + parts for sale Denver CO

    Still for sale, found some time to pull out parts, take some pictures to post - there are more parts that I did not get to yet. Negotiable on price.
  12. boss-tiger

    SOLD 1966 Sunbeam Tiger shell + parts for sale Denver CO

    Hello from Denver, I am said owner, pm for my phone/email (Kragh Curtis)
  13. boss-tiger

    Rebuilt Tiger Radiator

    Your price seems very fair - FYI just had a Tiger radiator 'repaired' for $285 and quote to completely restore with new core was $800ish. Here in Denver we lost many of our good radiator repair experts.
  14. boss-tiger

    SOLD 1966 Sunbeam Tiger shell + parts for sale Denver CO

    11/03/2023 Listing $3,700 located in Denver Colorado 1966 Sunbeam Tiger shell & parts bill of sale only, has JAL, correct # matching locks, TAC'ed Orig. build info: 1966 Tiger B382001191 LRXFE JAL: 661179 Paint: 39 Carnival Red keys: RM908/FS953 TAC inspection # 1285 This is a major project...
  15. boss-tiger

    Dip stick tube

    I have done this on a SBF/Tiger. If you can get the oil pan off you can use a drift from bottom of timing cover to catch dip sick tube from inside then drive out the broken piece of dip stick tube.
  16. boss-tiger

    Wiper motor ID and wiring question

    Putting wiring back in 65 Mk1 car. ? re. my wiper moter. - wondering if it is a single vs. 2 speed motor. Hoping to wire it up correctly and trying not to damage by wiring incorrectly. It does have 3 wires making me think that it could be a 2 speed. Any ID input or reference information would be...
  17. boss-tiger

    thread size/type of the cross-pipe outlet to fuel line?

    I would recommend pulling out the tanks to clean then coating insides to protect - this new fuel is tough on tanks. FYI, I have a pair of refurbished tanks ready to go FYI (would save you some time for sure).
  18. boss-tiger

    Interior Rear View Mirror Alternatives

    Just FYI there should be original mirrors available and long term probably easier that way IMO. I believe I have a spare but need to dig it out to check condition. I have seen other not stock mirrors but have no details re.
  19. boss-tiger

    Looking for older style 15" Panasport 'Formula One' wheels with correct offset for Tiger

    Believe the Panasport 'Formula One' wheels were made in the 80's and 90's. Hoping to find a set of 4, maybe a long shot, or .. maybe time someone is thinking of a wheel upgrade? Much appreciated ...