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  1. Ed109

    Hardtop parts

    I believe I have a full original set of spare hardtop bows from my old SV GT top that got stolen while they were out. Have since sourced a nice original replacement top which I have the immaculate headlining out of while the top is in paint - left the bows in place so I can confirm colour order...
  2. Ed109

    Alpine / Tiger Dash Switch Bezels

    I saw these on eBay over here too and was somewhat surprised at the final bids. I have a mid '67 SV and the type on my tags is way different to these though - so not 'original' or even good repro IMHO. Attached a scan of one my original tags - were these changed later in production??
  3. Ed109

    Fibreglass hardtop

    Had a Honeybourne on my SV years back - still have it actually - but have since found very good original which will be going on the resto. The finish is disappointing IMHO. As already mentioned, there's no headlining but a sort of brushed fur/velvet applied to the inside of the moulding. The...
  4. Ed109

    Dash pad install

    Ahh, Paul A - I love a bit of unmolested 109... Tempted to do a full respray back to rare factory original..?!
  5. Ed109

    Burton Power - resource

    They're about a 15 minute drive from my house - which could be dangerously expensive once I get my UK spec V6 running and decide to start 'tweaking'... Am happy to pop in to get a visual or measurements on any parts members maybe thinking of ordering. Happy to act as shipper too if it turns...
  6. Ed109

    Good Lion image

    There is a vector logo (eps format) on the Brands of the World site. http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/sunbeam-3 It has been somewhat simplified but, being a vector will scale to any size and will be preferred by a printer over finite resolution JPGs and the like.
  7. Ed109

    Alpine Logos

    In all likelihood, the Alpine and Tiger scripts were probably commissioned as one-offs rather than created from a typeface of the age. There is a font that casts a nod in the direction of it called 'Raceway' but it is likely this was based on our car scripts rather than the other way round...
  8. Ed109

    Alpine Logos

    The font used on later shields is very close to a font called Grotesque (or 'Grot' in typographic circles). The 'ROOTES' wording was in Grot Bold and the '1725' or 'V8' is in Grot Condensed.
  9. Ed109

    top down driving in Ol' Blue

    Mmm, rat-look, eh? Like it! : )
  10. Ed109

    top down driving in Ol' Blue

    Would that be 109 Orchid Green...?
  11. Ed109

    GT Interior light switch

    My UK SV GT has the switch on the lamp (and the wiring routed through the windscreen rubber to answer another post). Pushed one way, only the opening of the doors will actuate the light. If the doors are closed, pushing switch the other way turns it on. That's a fine tip on how to...
  12. Ed109

    V6 Battery Relocation

    Cheers for the POVs and pics, fellas. I'm frantically trying to get hold of my body guy to see if he's actually chopped the box out yet as I'd rather keep it neat behind the drivers seat if it can work. He get's a bit plasma cutter happy sometimes - he's a rodder at heart so I nearly had...
  13. Ed109

    V6 Battery Relocation

    Hi all, So my V6 is in place and mounts are being welded up by my body guy. He's very kindly run me a second pass-through for the exhaust but obviously hits a bit of a problem with the Alpine battery box sitting right in the way of where you would run the second pipe. I've told him to chop...
  14. Ed109

    V6 Badges - Time to place your orders!

    Mind you...the more I play with it...
  15. Ed109

    V6 Badges - Time to place your orders!

    Hi all. Swapped mails with Rick regarding artwork recently and am happy to supply him as per ref I've posted here if buyers are happy. As the 'Inner V6' sub-debate rages on I thought I'd better chuck in a mock-up of that too... Is this the sort of thing people are after? Comments...
  16. Ed109

    V6 Badge Poll - Time to Cast Your Vote!

    On RHD cars the third shield sits on the boot lid to the right of the number plate...LHD cars tend to have it on the trunk lid, to the right of the license plate. :)
  17. Ed109

    V6 Badge Poll - Time to Cast Your Vote!

    The people have spoken! Except now I'm going to be tempted to get a set of each 'cos I still can't decide! Jim - already PM'd you about supplying artwork if you want it. And to anyone else whose name didn't win out who wants to go to Rick direct, PM me and I'll be happy to supply some...
  18. Ed109

    V6 Badge Poll - Time to Cast Your Vote!

    A quick mock-up of one of the contenders... correct font now (An original Monotype very big in the Sixties.) Shall do some others when I get a mo'. And yes, it's selfishly shown against a 109 Orchid Green wing.
  19. Ed109

    Group buy on V6 emblem?

    I think you'll find our cars were mostly built in the Sixties, not 1985...! If there was ever a Wham/Duran/Heart/Survivor special edition, you'd be well away though...