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  1. lgurley

    Borg Warner T-5

    Dellow Jeff is the only one I could find that knew what I needed. He is a very nice to work with but he takes long vacations. He has been to the U.S. and is familiar with the southeast and even knows where some of the salvage yards are.
  2. lgurley

    This looks like a good flying machine to me

    I love watching the good ones go I was a teen age air traffic controller on a S.A.C. base in 1964. We had one U2 land take off again while I was on duty. Amazing!! One day we had a Navy plane come in and when he left my boss told me not to ask him to do anything but if I wanted to see a show...
  3. lgurley

    Joe the plumber

    getting better all the time Nick, Since my last post in this thread my fleet has increased to 32 trucks. The worse the economy gets the better I am doing. I found a way to make truck drivers happy with their jobs. I now have a waiting list of 26 who want to come aboard. They will have to wait...
  4. lgurley

    This looks like a good flying machine to me

    I don't know a lot about airplanes but this looks like it could still give you a good ride. http://www.greatdanepromilitary.com/SR-71/index.htm
  5. lgurley

    Borg Warner T-5

    The kit from Dellow is to connect a Toyota 5 speed transmission to a 4 cylinder Alpine engine. Jeff appears to be the only one that knows anything about this kit. The Australians seem to take their time about things. Jeff went on about a four month vacation and I couldn't get anyone to do...
  6. lgurley

    Traction Masters

    Dwain, They knew exactly what I needed. Good thing too, because I had no idea.
  7. lgurley

    Traction Masters

    I bought mine directly from Traction Master. I called with my credit card number and they arrived about 12 days later. They will be installed next week along with a new set of shocks.
  8. lgurley

    1967 Alpine for sale

    I live just down the road in Corinth, Ms.(about 50 miles) If anyone is interested I could probably take a look for them. If you have some pictures e mail them to me at anonbalias@gmail.com
  9. lgurley

    V6 Kits

    Jose, E mail me his phone number. Thanks
  10. lgurley

    Gas conversion

    I don't know the mechanics of doing it but I do know that this conversion can be done to any internal combustion engine. Your local gas company most likely can direct you to the process.
  11. lgurley

    my 63 Alpine project

    Whatever gets you to the Southern Comfort Chuck. Now I k.now what takes the arthritis away
  12. lgurley

    Got this strange e-mail today

    I bought my 3:70 gears from him. He was professional and prompt.
  13. lgurley

    V6 Kits

    The same thing happened to me on an unrelated item which I thought had been prepaid. I called U.P.S. and indeed the driver had made an error as their form they deliver on is vague in that respect. U.P.S. sent me a check for what I had paid the driver.
  14. lgurley

    Re: Zdp

    I certainly have no knowledge about the Alpine or the V6 oil application but I have a 1989 Silverado 350 which has had nothing but Castrol full synthetic oil since I bought it in 1992 and it uses no oil and runs like new after 261,000 miles. My 1999 Bonneville V6 has had the same type oil since...
  15. lgurley

    2.8 Parts

    Mike, Have you heard anything else on the valve covers? I would like some information if they are available. Thanks,
  16. lgurley

    V6 Performance?

    John, I think you might be coming around to the darkside. Next thing we may see is questions about how you can fit parts to your V6 conversion. Seriously, there is a place for purist and a place for mods. I think I am on both sides. There is room for us all.
  17. lgurley

    electric radiator fan

    And they are sometimes installed on the rear of the radiator to pull the air rather than push it. I think it may depend on how much room you have between the engine and the radiator.
  18. lgurley

    V6 Performance?

    John, The purist forum is the one near the top of the list.
  19. lgurley

    V6 Performance?

    Mine will smoke the tires for about half a block from a dead stop and will do 90 plus in 4th which is where I chicken out and there is still another gear left. The steering seems a little twitchy at 90 but I don't plan to be in that neighborhood very often so that is o.k.
  20. lgurley

    Sunbeam wreck pictures

    Put some floors in her and drive. She looks good compared to some.