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  1. mr.bridger

    Electronic Ignition Conversion

    fellow beamers, not sure if I’m in the right category, I have a sv fairly stock but I think it’s time I have a go at converting over to EI.. My main big question is : which brand and kit should I go for? I’d like to do the whole kit n kaboodle, wires, plugs, dizzy etc to make sure everything...
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  12. mr.bridger

    67 Alpine in Houston

    All in all,seems like a very good deal,wish I had extra cash laying around!
  13. mr.bridger

    Ground strap question

    Fellow beamers,after a recent clutch job,the ground strap on the trans bracket doesn't seem to be in the correct spot,I left it attached to the bracket,then removed the bracket,now I don't remember where it was attached to-the body? the trans case? it's messing with the starter-it even had the...
  14. mr.bridger

    She won't stay running! Any Ideas?

    Thanks to all! I will start fooling with it this weekend,hope I can finally go for a nice long drive,my neighbors are sick of me going around in circles! I will let you know how things progress...:eek:
  15. mr.bridger

    She won't stay running! Any Ideas?

    Finally got Ursula running,she idles quite nicely,very responsive when given throttle,once I drive her around the block a few times(10 minutes or so) She acts like she's starved of fuel,runs rough,then splutters out. Then I have to wait about 2 hours to get her to start again,she acts like...
  16. mr.bridger

    '76 Capri Calipers

    Just did that conversion also,thanks to all for very helpful info/advice,I was frustrated with my rebuilt originals(I really wanted to keep the originals on) They leaked and then blew a piston seal! Within a week of rebuild! Just want to throw my 2 cents in...Not sure if its just my wire...
  17. mr.bridger

    bumper overrider rubber

    Does anyone have a couple laying around or know where I can get them? Any help would be appreciated,Thanks.
  18. mr.bridger

    Gearbox(transmission)oil type help

    Many thanks!!:)
  19. mr.bridger

    Gearbox(transmission)oil type help

    Hey fellow sunbeamers! What kind of oil should I use in the gearbox? (SV non overdrive) The owners handbook says "use recommended oil"!! :confused:
  20. mr.bridger

    Brake caliper O ring help!

    Thank's! I'll call SS today,I didn't spot them in their catalog but it's worth a call.