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Search results

  1. dansun22

    Series 3 '63, frame rails wanted

    I need 2 entire front frame rails, lemme kno...thks
  2. dansun22

    X frame repair sections.

    I need the frame arms for series 3. Have you any?
  3. dansun22

    need speedometer rebuilt

    The fellow i used is on the west coast. Rebuild parts as nec. clean etc 700 $ us approx
  4. dansun22

    Lot of parts

    Im looking for both front frame rails back to main frame. Any chance you will get these?
  5. dansun22

    1962 Series II for sale

    Canmore Alberta I've got a 1984 380 mercedes and 63 sunbeam
  6. dansun22

    63 S3 GT for sale

    Were is the car? Are you interested in exact car in trade? My Chasis and engine nos match but needs minor frame correction . My car drives really well but Alberta inspection specs. Are too onerous and im losing patience afte 4 yrs.
  7. dansun22

    1962 Series II for sale

    Do you want cash or will you consider trade, trade and cash?
  8. dansun22

    Frame members series 3

    Due to front end collision i am looking for both front end frame pieces. Anybody know of an old S III i can buy and chop?
  9. dansun22

    X frame repair parts

    My pics are on my old computer, so I will have to crawl under the car and shoot a few more tomorrow.
  10. dansun22

    X frame repair parts

    DanR thanks I was hoping I could reach you. I need from the struts forward, kinda thing. Exactly I don't know, my frame guy might know. I have a couple pics. that show where the horns buckled due to front end collision. I will try to post.
  11. dansun22

    X frame repair parts

    I have series 3, Alpine needing both front frame horns. Anybody know where I can find same?
  12. dansun22

    What do you tow with an alpine?

    and my alpine has been towed numerous times!!
  13. dansun22

    Alpine Judging Guide

    hi AL, I just now read your message regarding the seat upholstery. Please send me your photo. I'd love to see the piping, and centre cushion. if need be I can give you my emailaddress. Lemmekno...
  14. dansun22

    Fenders off Rebuild?

    yes my thought as well Michael . thanks
  15. dansun22

    Fenders off Rebuild?

    tHANKS dAN
  16. dansun22

    Fenders off Rebuild?

    Does any one have experience with a fenders off rebuild? My SIII factory welds were taken apart to do front end collision repairs. The fenders are now fastened at the firewall and front near headlamps. But there is a lengthy stretch in between. If it remains not welded is the structure...
  17. dansun22

    New Paint with fish eye......

    ...speaking of clear coat ...is it the case that more layers of CC make the base color " POP "(stand out more)?
  18. dansun22

    Alpine Judging Guide

    Jim L. here is a picture the dash for the SIII GT, 1963. North American Market. If need be it can be blown up and cropped for a better look.
  19. dansun22

    Runs great for 30 minutes then not so well

    good suggestion HTH. I was thinking old fuel lines deteriorating but the filters would avoid that contamination...