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  1. v13311

    Series V Clutch Cover

    Volvoguys, how about letting all of our members know of the source.
  2. v13311


    Not interested in used. I knew that SS is planning to manufacture, but they said this a year ago. I also know that you can purchase from European countries for 'mucho' bucks and shipping. I 've also contacted Pilkington and they seem to have no plans. Mine is still serviceable but it's...
  3. v13311


    Has anyone purchased a new Series, III, IV, or V windshield lately. If so, where ? and cost? Please.
  4. v13311

    Current Term is up for the Board

    Continue on please.
  5. v13311

    Reliable mechanic to replace transmission

    You might want to give Brooklands British Car in Tacoma a call. They have been around a long time. 253-584-2033
  6. v13311

    NSW if you're a LBC fan

    I thought that this video was hilarious. Electric shocks, engine fires, "I wouldn't recommend this, but........................? , "Boy, that got hot fast"! "It doesn't like gas", securing parts faster that one could walk to another state rather than get them through the mail, etc. etc. But...
  7. v13311

    Adjustable Nuts for Windshield

    Yes, I have made that call. Twice. The first time was right after the purchase of VB parts. At that time, they said that Sunbeam parts were definitely in their future plans. When I didn't see any action for months I called again. At that time they were very non-committal which was...
  8. v13311

    Adjustable Nuts for Windshield

    I would think that this situation is close to an emergency for all Sunbeam owners. Someone needs to get on this and deal with this. After all, none of us can drive without a windshield.
  9. v13311

    Adjustable Nuts for Windshield

    Windshield nuts are great. But maybe I'm all wet here but where are you going to purchase a windshield? Rick and C. Sunbeam don't sell them any more. VB is history and Moss has not committed to sell Sunbeam parts. I understand that Pilkington will need an order for 50 for Series 3 through 5...
  10. v13311

    Windscreens for SI-II (Pilkington windscreens)

    Rip off compared to what VB charged. And they made their percentage off of what they charged.
  11. v13311

    Windscreens for SI-II (Pilkington windscreens)

    I would have thought by now that Moss had sifted through the VB inventory and had checked on the windshield supply. But no....and there are still no plans to get into the Sunbeam business, even though they "promised". Lack of windshields is going to be a major problem for us.
  12. v13311

    Runs great for 30 minutes then not so well

    They are "not so smart" if the spring mechanism doesn't work for any reason. Mainly corrosion is the culprit I always spray a little WD 40 into the tiny hole on the spring mechanism, and then push in and out many times to lubricate the inside of the cap. Had many overflows of gas on a hot day...
  13. v13311

    SV whining at ignition

    Or try this. Jack up the front of the car and safely secure it. Slide your body underneath the clutch and have a can of WD 40 with a 'straw' attached. Spray the heck out of the bendix and the shaft. You might need a flashlight to see. Don't spare on the WD 40. Lower car, then try to start...
  14. v13311

    Clock for an Alpine

    Take a look at this. You can order various font styles https://www.speedhut.com/gauge/GCJ258-CLOCK-01/28/CJ-Clock
  15. v13311

    Need Stromberg Experts!

    I spliced in a cheap plastic see-through fuel filter just in front of my fuel pump. I had the same symptoms as you. After installation you could see the paint flakes gathering in the filter. After installation, no more problems. WIX 30002 or its equivalent (Fram, Carquest, etc.)
  16. v13311


    Thank you Puff (Kevin). You listed more archives going back to 1994 - near the birth of the internet. Before the SAOCA, this was the site that Alpine and Tiger owners used very often. Those of you who don't know of this site should give it a try On this automotive site, just about every...
  17. v13311


    It looks like the Alpine archives are back up at team.net. Postings all the way back to 2000. Loads of information.
  18. v13311

    Starter Stuck???

    You might want to spray the bejesus out of the Bendix from underneath with BraKleen or another brake solvent and then try to start. Do this while the starter is still in place. Might save you a lot of work removing the starter. Worked for me.
  19. v13311

    Tonneau Covers

    Purchased one from Robbins over 10 years ago. Has held up extremely well and it was very well made.