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  1. Jimjordan2


    Eleven, has the starting problem always been a problem, or is it something new. I had the same problem, and it was cured by a better ground strap from the engine to the body. Do you have a ground strap now. Just a thought. Good luck Jim
  2. Jimjordan2

    WHAT COLOR ???? so many CHOICES !

    Top, Third Tab from the left, Gallery. All kinds, all colors.
  3. Jimjordan2

    engine bay shroud

    Good idea, I like it. I know this is a bit late, but anybody out there wanting to paint their engine compartment, just take aluminum foil and wrap it and crimp it around everything you don't want painted. No masking, real simple, and it really really works. Maybe a little masking where you want...
  4. Jimjordan2

    British Classic car show Memorial Weekend Saturday, May 28th 2022.

    Not sure how the fire started yet, everything is so melted down, it can’t be determined. Electrical of some type. Not sure if I’m ready to restore another car again. This one was by far my favorite. I was just in process of re-restoring it. Not that it needed much, but was finishing installing...
  5. Jimjordan2

    British Classic car show Memorial Weekend Saturday, May 28th 2022.

    Do you think I can get this ready for the show? By the way, who’s ever keeping track, please mark B3650012345 Destroyed in a fire. Yes, This is my Calendar girl. 100 percent loss and under insured. Never raised the value past 16,000. Dumb move. Remember guys as you increase the value of your...
  6. Jimjordan2

    replace windshield seal SV with frame on car?

    If you're not replacing the dash pad, and the rubber seal under the frame, you should be able to replace the windshield rubber without removing the frame. Biggest job is removing the stainless molding around the windshield. Yes, it can be done. Just my non-professional opinion. Or I'm wrong...
  7. Jimjordan2

    Weber Carb from Classic Car Performance

    Jerome? Which one is Jerome?
  8. Jimjordan2

    Speedo cable routing

    Yeah, what Mike said.
  9. Jimjordan2

    How much brake fluid?!?

    Well, it certainly shouldn't take that much. But you say the fluid is going out of the master cylinder reservoir, it has to be leaking to something. Nothing showing up on the ground? Do you have a booster? It could be going into the booster. Just my thoughts. May be a leaking booster.
  10. Jimjordan2

    Jokes and funny stories

    OK, it took me a minute. Good one.
  11. Jimjordan2

    Detailed Engine Bay Reference Photos

    What part of California are you from? Lots of us out here. Sometimes looking at a car will help a lot. Jim
  12. Jimjordan2

    Stereo Install.

    Make enough of them, and you can retire. Good Luck.
  13. Jimjordan2

    Stereo Install.

    That looks outstanding. Looks like it belongs there. So, when's the kit for the 3D box coming out?
  14. Jimjordan2

    Wanted Replacement Floor Pans

    There's a set on eBay right now, pricey plus shipping. I have no idea what they're worth. $500.00 is what they're asking.
  15. Jimjordan2

    intake manifold drain nut?

    Not sure about the early series, but in a series V, if that had a loop in it, it would be for the rocker arm oiler. That probably is what that part is. Just my thoughts.
  16. Jimjordan2

    2021 SAOCA Calendar

    Received my calendar today. Once again, very nice job, Thank you for your effort. Not to worry if there are no longer any available. Mine came with a pretty bad printers error with a big tear in the Oct. Nov. page. Once again, not that big of a deal. Just wondering. I enjoyed seeing the...
  17. Jimjordan2

    Ser3 GT back home

    I have a good series V tranny. You can have it in trade for the front suspension I got from you. Interested?
  18. Jimjordan2

    Ser3 GT back home

    Looking good Bruce. I hear you were able to get an engine to build. Good on you. What did you decide on the transmission?
  19. Jimjordan2

    Alpine in Glendale CA OUCH!!!!

    I will gladly furnish and install an 86 sticker on my car for half that price. LOL.
  20. Jimjordan2

    Hard Start

    Yes, my series V was having a hard time cranking, and an Engine ground strap took care of the problem.