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  1. 63alpine

    Excited to share. New life, new energy!

    We've owned our Alpine for almost 20 years but unfortunately, for a bunch of different reasons (wouldn't start, wouldn't stop...) have hardly used it in the last 10. It's amazing how confidence in reliability can hurt the relationship between car and driver. But I am delighted to say that is...
  2. 63alpine

    Huge Thanks

    Big shoutout to 'Stephen' from Waxhaw, NC, for giving up his Friday night and Saturday morning to help me get my Series 3 running again after it's been sitting for 2 years. I owe you dinner at Maxwell's, mate. Needed plugs, air in tires, and fuel filter/lines and carbs clearing out. Will do a...
  3. 63alpine

    Save the date! Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC April 5+6, 2019

    Made it back safely. Thanks for all the hospitality and friendship. A very enjoyable weekend. See u again soon.
  4. 63alpine

    Save the date! Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC April 5+6, 2019

    Any latest weather forecast for 20 mile radius of the event Friday PM thru Sat PM?
  5. 63alpine

    Save the date! Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC April 5+6, 2019

    Meaning where is the BBQ in case we arrive after 6:00PM?
  6. 63alpine

    Save the date! Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC April 5+6, 2019

    Do we have any dinner plans for Friday?
  7. 63alpine

    Save the date! Sunbeam Invasion/SOS Columbia, SC April 5+6, 2019

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Julie and I are booked at the hotel and will be driving our white Series 3 down from Charlotte on Friday.
  8. 63alpine

    Lifetime Membership

    I have been a long time Sunbeam owner, since 1983, but not a regular member/participant. It tends to be an afterthought TBH. I could see a select few long term owners who might make a larger upfront commitment and then feel more vested long term. This group would likely still ‘donate’ annually...
  9. 63alpine

    Lifetime Membership

    I’m sure it’s been discussed in the past but, Eric, what are yours and the boards thoughts about creating a one-time payment level for a Lifetime Membership?
  10. 63alpine

    Re-gap and New Paint

    it’s been 20 years and it’s now time for some major paint and body work. Absolutely no rust but need to strip to bare metal, regap doors and trunk, fix minor dents prep, prime and paint same color. Have to remove old paint as it is cracking and chipping in multiple places. Looking to do close to...
  11. 1963 Series 3

    1963 Series 3

    Taken in early 2005.
  12. Daeth Alpine

    Daeth Alpine

    See more images at http://www.daeth.com
  13. 63alpine

    1963 Series III For Sale

    I took several pictures today to show how the car is now as the pics online are a few years old (PM me your e-mail for the link). It has been done about 4,000 dry miles in our ownership and as you can see it is still in beautiful condition. Everything works and the only issue we've ever had is a...
  14. 63alpine

    1963 Series III For Sale

    Well finally time to think about selling. This 1963 Series III completed a rotisserie restoration on a rust free car in 2000. Garage kept and lovingly cared for ever since. Car won Best Series III at Invasion X in 2010. It is not concourse but it looks, runs and drives beautifully. I just...
  15. 63alpine


    Here's a nice looking Alpine for those over the pond... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SUNBEAM-ALPINE-GRAN-TURISMO-RARE-AUTOMATIC-LOW-MILEAGE-/330429053031?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4cef1b3867
  16. 63alpine

    Made it home - Thanks to All

    Thanks to you Scott, and Eric, Todd, Sam, Bob, Tom, George, wives, and the whole team for organizing such an enjoyable event. We enjoyed meeting everyone and made it home safely (305 mile round trip) with no incidents. We ran into some light showers coming home and the wipers would not turn...
  17. 63alpine

    April 29-May 2, 2010 Invasion in North Carolina!

    Very much looking forward to meeting everyone. Save me a cold one.
  18. 63alpine

    April 29-May 2, 2010 Invasion in North Carolina!

    Invasion I will be leaving Charlotte around 10AM and would love to hook up with everyone for the 2PM downtown Hendersonville run. Where will we be meeting? At the hotel?
  19. 63alpine

    Licence Plate

    i will do it this weekend. Sorry for the delay