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  1. RootesRooter

    Series V Clutch Cover

    What's involved in a typical "reconditioning" of a clutch cover?
  2. RootesRooter


    Brett only moved to Nampa in June. He lived near me in Kent, WA for the previous 40+ years.
  3. RootesRooter

    Alternator replacement recommendations

    I switched to the Hitachi #14231 decades ago. No problems. The Hitachi unit isn't available anymore, but if you do some cross-referencing you'll find identical in-house brand replacements from places like Autozone.
  4. RootesRooter

    Georgia FB marketplace early Alpine

    I don't know about the top, but it looks like a tall, SII window post.
  5. RootesRooter

    Hard top paint colors

    I always thought all HT's came in black, unless the customer special-ordered it in something different.
  6. RootesRooter

    The race car?

    I noticed in the photos that the shifter seems to end up located pretty far back. Is that accurate?
  7. RootesRooter

    The race car?

    A T9 tranny. Is there more than one adaptor out there?
  8. RootesRooter

    1725 Usable Head?

    The nut is something you left sitting on it when you took the picture, right? I don't think there's enough left of the wear bars to skim the surface clean, especially around #1. It looks like this head led a tortured existence. Sorry, but I'd start to look elsewhere. Decent heads aren't hugely...
  9. RootesRooter

    1967 Alpine Project

    I'd never buy anything sight unseen, but if this body is as straight and rust free as shown, then its not a bad deal.
  10. RootesRooter

    Turn Signal Issue

    When you 'backed off the screws,' are you talking about the screws that hold the lenses to the housings? I was thinking of the inside wingnuts that hold the taillight housings to the body, which can come loose. The bottom ones can be tough to reach if you don't have skinny hands.
  11. RootesRooter

    1725 Usable Head?

    Too bad we don't have more photos from all sides. The crescent in the one photo looks to be in very good condition. The chamber looks to have been opened up, but nowhere near a full Vizardation. If anything, its might be just enough to offset what appears to be medium prior skimming. Which...
  12. RootesRooter

    1725 Usable Head?

    So, Alpine_64, do those head pits require fixing/filling? It's not a late head, so it didn't come with single springs. I think the springs are stamped with a part number. You might want to look up the numbers to make sure you don't have some oddball like a lower-than-normal spring rate off of a...
  13. RootesRooter

    looking for a good wiring diagram for a series 5

    Nice! I think I'll get that laminated for working under the dash.
  14. RootesRooter

    The rattle from H.E. Double Hockey Sticks

    If its more of a buzz than a rattle, check the cover plate on the underside of the tranny shifter for loose screws.
  15. RootesRooter

    SV popping out of Third Gear

    Likely a worn shift fork.
  16. RootesRooter

    Tiger Advertised florida.......Beware

    I'll be he thought that "a" would be his get-out-of-jail-free card.
  17. RootesRooter

    Odd 1725 Engine

    Interesting about the different foundries. But why? We've got a mid-SV production VIN here. It's not like Chrysler/Rootes just started cranking out 1725's. There wasn't another strike going on, was there?
  18. RootesRooter

    rear gear 3.89

    One of the saddest days of my Alpine ownership was when the front oil seal went bad on my 3.70's, ending up with a shrieking monster that barely got me home. Are new 3.70's still available from the Netherlands? The old rumor was that it was a very noisy unit. Any truth to that?
  19. RootesRooter

    rear gear 3.89

    In the U.S. 3.7's were fit to all Alpine GT fastbacks with automatics. Nothing noticeably 'high performance' about them.
  20. RootesRooter

    Tiger Advertised florida.......Beware

    #754. It must have sat on the showroom floor for quite a while to be titled a 1967.