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    Pressure relief Valve diaphragm for series II cooling system

    For the later SII (the only model having a separate coolant dump valve), there is no diaphragm, it is a spring loaded brass cup that retains a flat rubber seal against the brass case sealing seat. If yours is not all bent up, it can be rebuilt if you can make the parts top do so. You will have...
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    In need of a single piston

    I saw your facebook post. Your pistons do not look like normal hepolite OEM pistons, I would be concerned any pistons you find may not have the same dish volume as what you have or have the same piston weight.
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

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    Sad news re: a former member

    Wow, I tried reaching out to him recently and didnt get a response. Jim was one of the good guys.
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    Which model overdrive unit is appropriate for a series V

    Tom, you are correct. The revs drop 20%. and speed increases 25% at a fixed RPM. Other than the incorrect RPM ratio, the point was that the Alpine D type OD ratio is 0.80. or 25% OD.
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

    His cam was custom built, it was gear drive instead of chain drive so it spins in reverse compared to the factory cam. Brian has access to some nice CNC machines. I have his email address if you want it.
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    Which model overdrive unit is appropriate for a series V

    Actually the OD ratio of a Rootes D Type OD is .80/1 or a 25% decrease in revs. Math is funny.
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

    Thats a very general statement. Roller cams came out to reduce the friction of the follower to the cam. The actual cam duration and lift (and lobe center angle) is what defines engine power. Due to the limited cam lobe contact patch with roller followers, a flat or convex tappet follower will...
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    Exhaust manifold

    Im gonna guess that Bernds is a 4 branch.
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    Fuel Pressure Regulator

    ideally as close to the carbs as possible so your dynamic pressure (under load) is very near that of your static pressure (engine off). The fuel line becomes an accumulator and the regulator holds a more stable outlet pressure.
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    Camshaft identification

    Good info, I dont buy the lobe center data on the highlighted H120 and E128 cams, those figures are wonky/
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

    Ive never seen a 1725 break a main cap, I have seen them break cranks. I think if you can keep the caps from walking by pinning them, the likelihood of breakage falls off a cliff. Billet caps seem overkill to me when its the caps walking thats the real problem.
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    Leave the Holbay set-up!

    A true H120 cam with a stock head and anything other than DCOE webers will be next to impossible to tune. H120 is a package, not a component.
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

    I dont seem much value in billet caps. Pinning the cast iron caps would be a good idea though.
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    Strengthen the crankshaft

    depends on the series engine. 3 mains are strong forged steel cranks, but buzz them out an they will still break (lack of bearing support). 5 mains are nodular iron, not as strong as steel but it takes the revs better becuase it has 5 mains. Wish someone would make us a bunch of 4130 billet 5...
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    Mystery (To me) Electrical Part

    Not with a cheap multimeter. The lead resistance is often an ohm or so each so unless you have a kelvin junction ohmeter (4 wires) you really wont know the true resistance.
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    Holbay cam Sunbeam Specialties version

    I am pretty sure that Jay Laifman had an SS sold H120 cam but there has always been controversy on what exactly these things were...
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    Holbay cam Sunbeam Specialties version

    No, I got the specs from coltec and had it ground. The E128 can be ground from a series alpine 1725 cam blank. the H120 cannot since it is ground on 105 degree lobe centers.
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    Head Modifications

    The choke size is everything when it comes to main jetting. With the idle jets, the cam and compression is everything. with your 38DCOs, the progression holes will probably be different than those on newer carbs, so the idle jets will have to be tuned out based on how things work on your...
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    Mystery Manifold

    never seen that exact intake but it looks to have a rootes number on the casting. Looks like it would flow better than the SIII and SIV solex intake with a dfv/dgv weber on it.