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  1. Acollin

    Repair Bakelite Glove Box Surround

    While I hate to rain on the parade, I have mixed luck with glue/ epoxy/ jb weld etc. In my experience , if the bit requires stressing/ twisting the weakened spot, getting it back in place, it is likely to break. With my glove box surround, the repair failed, but on my steering wheel, the repair...
  2. Acollin


    To answer Hillman‘s concerns, there are two locking levels that can manage significant weight. Sunbeams are well within any weight consideration. Locked in either locking position, one must actually raise the lift - trip a holding/ securing device , before the lift will go down. I was surprised...
  3. Acollin


    Definitely inboard of the tires if I understand your question ( not sure I do). I could set something up so you could see exactly where I set the rubber blocks. In the picture, you can see - not very clearly- where I set the rubber blocks. Picture is from when I pulled the gearbox. Let me know...
  4. Acollin

    Hydrodipping Dashboard

    Looks very nice to me too. please describe the process. options?
  5. Acollin

    Ignition Switch Core

    I have had talented locksmiths make working keys for automotive ignitions without an old key to work from. That said, a good tech would probably be able to figure out how to replace your tumbler also. Also , I suspect the “heavier” spring you see returns the key from start to running position...
  6. Acollin

    Now what? Oil in headers

    Could the drips be from something other than the engine oil? I like the idea of trying to catch the drip on the cardboard. Above the manifold in my own series v there are a few sources of liquid. First guess would be the steering box oil. There are a few systems that contain liquid in that...
  7. Acollin

    Steering box oil question

    There is a must watch video on the sunbeam channel on Utube with you in mind. It provides a step by step leak proof way of managing your steering box. I did it— works great
  8. Acollin

    Windshield install

    Any chance you needed to trim a bit of the dash pad off — windshield edge— trimmed it in such a way that the left and right ends are making contact before they should? Or could something be bent or twisted. I too, would secure that center down first and slowly pull the sides down toward the...
  9. Acollin

    Parts source: Tudor washer bag

    Anyone have a source for “Tudor windscreen washer bags”? Mine car, years ago, with with a blown out disintegrating bag. It still hangs in place. Thanks all
  10. Acollin

    Problem with Carbs and Fouled plugs

    Whether you choose to change to a new fuel delivery system or not, my suggestion would be to figure out whats going on With what you have. It couldn’t hurt and could possibly inform those of us who still have the zenith carbs. Do you have CD 150s? The WSM has a pretty good step by step set up...
  11. Acollin

    Mediterranean Blue Color Chip or Part Sample

    My car is Med Blue and was originally. When I got my car it had a very old and very bad respray in white. The engine bay was and is the original Med Blue. A local auto paint store did a color match and I repainted my car in the color matched paint. My wife is an artist who uses oil paints and...
  12. Acollin

    Hood Striker

    A little lubrication on the moving bits of the latch might go a long way if alignment is good.
  13. Acollin

    Late series hard top hunters

  14. Acollin

    Late series hard top hunters

    Sorry I can try but I am not very good at that ”linking”. i will try now. To what address would I send it? go to ebay motors: sunbeam alpine in the parts and accessories category
  15. Acollin

    Late series hard top hunters

    Heads up east coast one just appeared on ebay motors. I do not know the part or the seller $1600
  16. Acollin

    Windscreen removal

    I believe the pad itself had a little warping ( also sourced from SS) and it came very well packaged. I saw a touch of glue here and there as insurance. I did mine in 2016 and still looks very nice and clean of distortion or gapping.
  17. Acollin

    Windscreen removal

    I would agree with Jan to use as little adhesive as is necessary, but I would also contend that the factory remains of where the glue stayed on the car is not a good indication of what you may actually need And where you may actually need to place glue. Guides lines for sure. There are so many...
  18. Acollin

    Windscreen removal

    I too replaced my dash pad and all the window rubber awhile back. A few things that helped in attaching the pad were weighty bags of garden sand and I was able to affix a plastic nozzle onto a can of spray glue and when I had the pad in position, I was able to shoot adhesive into hard to reach...
  19. Acollin

    The rattle from H.E. Double Hockey Sticks

    Could be many things. Can you provide an audio clip? very common rattle noise is the exhaust pipe running through the cross member— just a long shot guess. Good hunting