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Search results

  1. H

    CD Stromberg T piece

    the t that Ray sells is 2" long across the top . it may work but it would have to be cut down
  2. H

    64 GT door shell for sale (Driver side)

    would they also fit a non GT Alpine or a Tiger?
  3. H

    series 1 turn signal switch

    I have one. please call 262-783-4657 thanks
  4. H

    $83,500 Alpine on ebay

    not mine eBay item number:125594760447
  5. H

    ROOTES WINDOW CRANK HANDLE part number 2218559

    Petere, Thanks for your response . i really appreciate it regards, Heinz
  6. H

    ROOTES WINDOW CRANK HANDLE part number 2218559

    Awesome! so do you think it was also originally used on Hillman Minx and Husky? what about Sunbeam Rapier and Imp? Humber? thanks
  7. H

    ROOTES WINDOW CRANK HANDLE part number 2218559

    Anybody know which models this is for?
  8. H


    I recently purchased this panel from a former Alpine owner. does anyone have any info on it like installation instructions or who was making these? or any other info?
  9. H

    Looking for ANCO 20-11 wiper refills (11")

    there are several on Ebay
  10. H

    WANTED: heater blower switch for early Tigers and Alpines

    i'm looking for just the switch portion on early cars that had the switch mounted on the lever assembly not on the dashboard
  11. H

    Lockheed Wheel Cylinder Assembly

    Whats the part number on the box?
  12. H

    Rear Fender badges wanted

    please call me at 262-783-4657
  13. H

    Hood / Trunk letters

    PM sent
  14. H

    3 Free Lucas Series V Alternators

    i'll buy them. i can send paypal payment for shipping cost let me know thanks
  15. H

    Pistons and rings

    for a 1725? flat topped ? dished?
  16. H

    1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT ON EBAY

    NOT MINE! eBay item number: 334088978294
  17. H

    Rear hub wanted

    i have one. please call me at: 262-783-4657