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  1. Alfred Pine

    67 Sunbeam Alpine

    Crickets chirping.......tumbleweeds rolling........ Am I that far off base? Well, anyone that has any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions hit me up here or private message me. I'm open to reasonable offers...I just can't keep her. Thanks
  2. Alfred Pine

    67 Sunbeam Alpine

    Hey all. I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from the forums and events...but life has thrust other plans on me. And so, it is with huge regret that I’m placing my Sunbeam “Alice” up for sale. She is not finished (are any ever?) maybe 90% done and the things that are left to be done, won't be a...
  3. Alfred Pine

    Colorado English Motoring Conclave 2022

    In case anyone in the area, or not, is interested...
  4. Alfred Pine

    Colorado English Motoring Conclave

    Thought some of you all might be interested... http://thecoloradoconclave.com/pages/welcome.htm
  5. Interior Postable

    Interior Postable

    Custom interior
  6. 206801275_4790079617685094_6326110103744693445_n


    Took 3rd place at the 1st annual NOCO Car Show in Severance Colorado
  7. 228367436_3005264969748239_5698906415578196772_n


    Poster Child!
  8. Alfred Pine

    I swear I just had that tool in my hand...where the $%&#@* did I put it now.

    I swear I just had that tool in my hand...where the $%&#@* did I put it now.
  9. Alfred Pine

    Harmonic balancer for 2.8

    As always....Dan to the rescue!!!
  10. Alfred Pine

    membership window cling?

    Thanks Toyanvil!! If you can't find one, I'll hit up Eric G
  11. Alfred Pine

    Harmonic balancer for 2.8

    I'm searching for a replacement harmonic balancer for the late model 2.8 ranger OR the crankshaft pulley for an early model 2.8 mutt 2. Thanks!!!
  12. Alfred Pine

    membership window cling?

    I searched a bit before posting...but perhaps i missed it. How do I assist the club in getting me a window cling? I would love to show off my membership.
  13. Alfred Pine

    Back from the dead

    Back from the dead
  14. Alfred Pine

    67 v6 Restomod build

    Hey Jim, Thanks a ton for the kind words. You are correct about the studs. The previous owner had taken bolts and welded the heads to thick plate steel squares which were then welded to the pan. You may notice that the pans that were installed, at that same time, were also not made within...
  15. Alfred Pine

    67 v6 Restomod build

    Finally have finished the interior on the 67 (except waiting for Santa to deliver the crank handles). I went through a company in Greeley Colorado for materials, design assistance, and emotional support....and it was all worth it. Link below for more pics...
  16. 20180817_181319[1]


    First Car Show. Local event of about 35 cars. Was very warmly received and given many compliments for the build on a seldom seen platform.
  17. Alfred Pine

    Is this a stock option I don't know about?

    Anyone ever seen this nose style on a Sunbeam? I'm totally lost but it actually looks like a stock grill set-up? Thanks
  18. Alfred Pine

    67 v6 Restomod build

    Well, Alice is on the road! I still have a few small items to iron out and the interior will be done over the off season but I'm happy to show a good before and after pic.Before And After by Alfred Pine posted Jul 8, 2018 at 12:50 AM
  19. Before And After

    Before And After