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Search results

  1. almost done

    almost done

    My 63 SIII
  2. almost done

    almost done

    My 63 S III
  3. Now it has paint

    Now it has paint

    Finally ready to go back together.
  4. new rocker

    new rocker

    Spent 2 days with the tri-roller and tig to make up and install my new rocker.
  5. ready to work on

    ready to work on

    just cleaned up and ready
  6. cyl head rebuild

    cyl head rebuild

    Just pulled the head and starting to overhall it
  7. twospeed

    63 Alpine for sale all rebuilt

    Check my facebook pictures under tom gorney
  8. twospeed

    63 Alpine for sale all rebuilt

    Before I put this on ebay I thought I might give it a try here. 1963 sunbeam for sale--------- questions just ask
  9. twospeed

    Top speed

    Well I took my SIII out for a bast tonight and went as fast as 86mpr at 4500 rpm:s----not much left after that---is that OK for this motor? Plus more info-I did not belive my MPR gauge so I checked online with tire size and RPM;S and this is what it told me.
  10. twospeed

    Hood support arm retaining pin?

    Let me see if I could load a video of it working----soooo simple to use and make and works great
  11. twospeed

    Hood support arm retaining pin?

    I used this little rod to hold my trunk up
  12. twospeed

    Hood support arm retaining pin?

    No, I had a friend paint it to look like carbo-fiber.
  13. twospeed

    Hood support arm retaining pin?

    This is what I did--hair-pin clip and small cable.
  14. twospeed


    Thank you so much,I have to look into it for next year.
  15. twospeed

    Intake Manifold Drain Pipe

    I took mine off and glad I did. Fix the carbs dont have fuel draining anyplace just another cause for a fire.
  16. twospeed

    Clutch Master & Slave Choices

    Just watch what you buy online,I got a new slave on e-bay only to fond out that the machine work was bad on it.Leaked badly.
  17. twospeed

    Blew the doors off...

    Well I kicked some butt tonight with my car-----raced a stock 1976 Chevette,he got me out of the hole but it was all me after that---LOL.
  18. twospeed


    Does anybody here belong to a NASA racing group? I was just told about this at a show the other day.
  19. twospeed

    60 Mph

    I am using 185-65 r14 tires the rear end is a ford mustang with 3:73 gears.
  20. twospeed

    60 Mph

    1592 motor with stock rods? I would like to take this on a little trip on the highway, just alittle scared. This has a non overdrive trans with a set of 373 gears with 14in tires.But as i said before my app and stock speedo are in sync with each other so I must be close.60 occurs at 3800 or so...