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  1. av8rbum

    S1 Alpine Fuel Tank through trunk grommet

    I am looking for the rubber grommet that protects the fuel tank filler hose that passes through the trunk. It is oval, and not the round grommet that is in the side of the car. Who sells this? I can't find at Sunbeam Specialties or Victoria British. Thanks!
  2. av8rbum

    Invasion XV - Las Vegas. Who's In?

    My wife and I would love to attend. We are restoring my grandma's 1960 Series I Alpine and would love to see what restoration work others have done as well as meet some new Sunbeam friends. And party in Vegas!
  3. av8rbum

    Balata "Rebound" Straps needed

    Thanks! Thanks for the ideas. If anyone knows the member name of the guy in Australia, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to get as close to the originals as possible. Rick
  4. av8rbum

    Rebuilding S1 Master Cylinder

    Got it All I had to do was rap it on the desk a couple of times and it popped out. I'll check into the brass sleeve...sounds like a good idea. Especially if it's cheaper than the $130 for a new MC. Rick
  5. av8rbum

    Rebuilding S1 Master Cylinder

    Trying to get the plunger and springs out of the master cylinder. Workshop manual says just to blow air into the ports... no luck. I've pulled the circlip and the pushrod, but the plunger seems to be hitting up against something and won't pop out. Any ideas?
  6. av8rbum

    Balata "Rebound" Straps needed

    I'm looking for two balata (or rebound) straps for my S1 Alpine. As the picture shows, it is a fabric strap that keeps the rear axle from extending too far when going over bumps. I've looked at on-line catalogs from Victoria British and Sunbeam Specialties and it looks like no one carries...
  7. av8rbum

    How to remove brake cylinders?

    Thanks...that did the trick. I just received my Sunbeam workshop manual and it detailed the procedure. There are supposed to be three clips...I'm missing one (distance plate). The spring plate has two prongs that face away from the backing plate and goes on first, with the prongs facing...
  8. av8rbum

    How to remove brake cylinders?

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to remove the clip that holds the rear brake cylinder on. Any ideas? It's on my Series I Alpine.
  9. av8rbum

    Series 1 parts

    Will you part-out the engine? So far I need a flywheel. Also, do you have a soft top frame?
  10. av8rbum

    Looking for S1 tech manual

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the tech manual for 1960 Series I Alpine?