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Search results

  1. clhiller

    OD concerns

    The shudder is only 3OD. 3rd has no shudder. The oil was changed apprx 1000 miles ago. I will run it only using 4OD and this winter when I get it up on stands I'll drain the oil, check solenoid adjustment and clean the filter. I will hopefully get a day where I can retest it and see if that will...
  2. clhiller

    OD concerns

    Recently I was driving in 4OD, slowed for a corner, downshifted to 3OD and as I started to accelerate the transmission/OD felt like it was slipping. I upshifted to 4OD and continued to accelerate and it felt fine I tried the 3OD acceleration again later and it felt the same way (slipping...
  3. clhiller

    2022 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    Imagine my surprise when I received a message from Eric a couple of weeks ago, congratulating me on my car being the December calendar picture! As a silver level sponsor, I had no idea that the picture I had sent in all those many months ago had been chosen! I first fell in love with the...
  4. clhiller

    Generator pulley nut

    7/16' UNF.
  5. clhiller

    Generator pulley nut

    Ok. I was hoping to get one and put it back on without pulling the fan shroud and generator. I tried a 7/16 UNC and it tried to start so maybe I’ll get a 7/16 UNF and see. This one will get some loctite!
  6. clhiller

    Generator pulley nut

    Hello all Recently my generator pulley nut decided to depart and explore the world on its' own. What is the size/pitch of said nut? S1 Thanks, Collin
  7. clhiller

    980 speedometer for a S1

    Got one. Thanks.
  8. clhiller

    980 speedometer for a S1

    I’m looking for a 980 rev/mile speedo for my S1 with OD.
  9. clhiller

    Sunbeam Owners in Canada

    I have a Series 1 in Leduc, AB
  10. clhiller

    Cam question

    It is together and running fine. The reason I ask is that the distributor that’s on it is from the Rapier and I was thinking about getting it rebuilt and recurved by Jeff at Advanced Distributors. I wanted to get the correct curve for the Alpine cam.
  11. clhiller

    Cam question

    In the process of rehabbing my new-to-me 1960 Series 1 last winter, I found that the block was out of a RapierII. I have the alloy head and appropriate carbs on it, but was wondering if the cam specs are different between the Rapier and the Alpine?
  12. clhiller

    Diff whine

    It is definitely a 4:22. I went from a non-OD with a 4:55 rearend to an OD with a 4:22. It is like night and day. I’ll keep my eyes open for a 3.89, but for now I’m happy with what I have. (Once I get rid of the whine!)
  13. clhiller

    Diff whine

    I checked all the bolts when I swapped the diff into my S1 rearend, ( the diff is out of a S3). All the bolts were Nice and tight.
  14. clhiller

    Car cover

    Now that I have my S1 looking the way I want it, I need a decent cover. It will be stored indoors, so it need only keep the dust off. What do you have and where did you guys get it?
  15. clhiller

    Diff whine

    During my refresh this winter, I was able to replace the existing 4:55 Rapier rearend with a 4:22. All the bearings seemed in good shape, I was concerned about the amount of backlash. A mechanic buddy checked it out with the Mark I eyeball and pronounced it "good enough". Now when I drive, in...
  16. clhiller

    Distributor timing

    I have heard about this vacuum method for setting timing, but I've never seen it done. What is the procedure?
  17. clhiller

    Lift a dot stud

    Hello everyone I have a tonneau cover for my series 1. The double height stud on the fs wing has the knob on the top busted off. The stud itself is fastened to the windshield frame just ahead of the door. I have tried to gently remove the stud, but it doesn't want to budge. Before I do...
  18. clhiller

    LED running and signal lights

    I think that I figured it out. I will need to put diodes in the front signal light wires. When I put the incandescent bulbs back in the front, everything worked fine. With the LED bulbs in the front, the rear signal lights illuminate when the running lights are turned on.