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  1. John W

    Looking for a boot Luggage Rack.

    Back before this web site gave completely in to the truth that an Alpine suspension could handle exponentially more power than the 1725, there was once - on this very website - an example of an "original" clamp luggage rack that would have came with the car. Like the hardtop, take it off when...
  2. John W

    Massive Sunbeam Hoard in Oregon

    Seems like Tiger original parts would be worth substantially more than original Alpine parts. From the ad comments (appears to be the seller): “There are 12-Alpines and 7-have Title paper work (Bills of Sale from the Oregon Circuit Court, Power of attorneys, Death Certificate etc.). there are...
  3. John W

    April 5+6 2024- Columbia, SC Invasion.

    Original Series I (?) (same thistle grey scarlet with black piping) 2 ft looks like an advertisment from back in the day...this is going to be the first car I look for! There's nothing more entertaining (to me) than having an owner of an original Alpine, restored or original, talk about what...
  4. John W

    Late series hard top hunters

    Scammers keep narrowing the field. Knowledge of the reliables on this site becomes more valuable, and the players more visable.
  5. John W

    13 inch wheels - Chicago area free pick-up

    Maybe that's white.
  6. John W

    13 inch wheels - Chicago area free pick-up

    The silver colored wheel looks like a 62 till end of production standard steel wheel, the other painted red wheels I'm not familiar with.
  7. John W

    No Cars?

  8. John W

    62' Alpine For Sale

    What an enjoyable video on Youtube. Really tickles the senses. To the point where "I'd have done blah blah blah..." (Well, credit the excellent music and put a spoke wheel on this beauty.) What a beautiful car. And great video of all the detail that makes up an Alpine. I'm sure the 26 invested...
  9. John W

    1967 Series V for sale $2499

    A member here (who everyone would know of, and most personally know, who once occupied the position Todd once held) once said (approximately) "a Sunbeam is a collection of parts." This "offering" is the nicest collection of parts available, anywhere. My (eventual) "goal" is to pass on what I...
  10. John W

    1967 SUNBEAM Alpine for Sale on eBay

    Listed yet a third time on ebay and didn't reach reserve. Just looks like a really nice car. (I have no relation, or knowledge of the owner or car).
  11. John W


    Guess I should have clarified my observation. As stated above, my non-synchro stock transmission had no leaks when the transmission was in the car. The front seal doesn't leak (in or out) of the car. So... since I've "stored" this transmission in all sorts of positions over the years with and...
  12. John W


    I have a 4 speed synchro out of a car (that was replaced with an overdrive years ago). I don't recall it leaking when in the car. Out of the car, before draining the oil, without the driveshaft in, the rear would leak, and the front stayed dry. I just now checked it to refresh my memory, and the...
  13. John W

    WHAT COLOR ???? so many CHOICES !

    Dang...well check out "junkman's" (what is that) a Series II, 3, and IV (or a Tiger?), Gawd!!! So much in a "screen" name. Guess you already know "junkman," Dan, so calmly suggesting marron, quite the color option, I might add. (Wonder if Jan has THAT color on disk). Someone (who is active on...
  14. John W

    Don’t change 1725 Oil… when hot?

    I've always changed my oil when hot, and have found the 1725 (and 1592) to be as reliable as any 70's Toyota (that I know of), albeit, not engines you can ignore popping the hood and topping the oil off with every fill up, but that's a small price to pay (and part of the experience) for the...
  15. John W

    Series V Alpine B395004006 No Reserve Auction on BaT

    In the small NC town I grew up in, it was the Plymouth dealership that also sold Sunbeams (until they quit making them). They left the "Sunbeam" sign up for years afterwards into the mid seventies.
  16. John W

    Naomi and some paint

    "Only issue" LOL!
  17. John W

    1964 SUNBEAM Alger For Sale on eBay $24,500

    Other than grimising at your "donation time" designation, I follow verbatim everything you post almost as intently as I follow Bob W (who I haven't seen in a while) or Jan (himself). Do you KNOW that the factory ever produced a Tiger automatic?
  18. John W

    Aluminum Radiator For Sunbeam Alpine Series V (EBAY)

    "3/4" thicker than the stock core?" "entire Alpine frame?" What does that mean?
  19. John W

    Aluminum Radiator For Sunbeam Alpine Series V (EBAY)

    So where do you get a copper recore and what does that mean? (if that's what's best). I can still get a "recore" and pressure test for about a hundred bucks, at the only radiator shop still in existance near me.