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    Alpine Innovations Webcon intake manifold

    They look like 34 ICT carburettors I'm very curious on how they are configured jeting wise and also the mounting hole spacing , I think they are used on VW motors a bit in the twin set up
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    S1 top cover blow-out

    I had the same problem on my series 1 when it was on the road I'm currently restoring it and was looking at the pin to latch area and wondering if the latch could be made a little deeper I also thought about fitting a couple of magnetic catches on the wheel well that could latch to the centre cover.
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    Sunbeam 2000 build

    Agree Karl does an awesome job of explaining his panel as does carter auto restorations , you've got to love people that share their skill sets on you tube except for the how bad you can feel about your self when your work is very average compared to theirs
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    Alpine registry

    It's possible it's not updated to regularly
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    Clutch won't disengage

    I think you may have a pilot bearing issue, it doesnt take much to to keep the shaft spinning which in turn will cause shift issues
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    Door hinge renew

    I hand drilled my pins stepping up in size after my pilot hole leaving a small amount of the pin then used heat and punches to pop the last part out, but as Jan said if you can do it in a Mill it would be a lot easier and less chance of damage.
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    Original Brake Disc Series II needed

    I'm draging this one out of the dusty archive to see if anyone has a solid answer to the later series discs being machined down in diameter and fitting the series 1,2 hubs cheers Andy
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    1725 Camshaft Question

    https://www.oldmarineengine.com/discus/messages/2/10067.html Engine like the alloy head motor would normally be fitted with a heat exchanger
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    1725 Camshaft Question

    You might have answered your own question by revealing its a boat engine camshaft , marine Cams are generally ground to produce the Most Torque, at the Lowest possible rpms.
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    Potential Buyer of a '66 Alpine

    Have a look at this Sunbeam blog for an idea of what the car may or may not be like once you start your resto work it can be definitely be daunting but this project just keeps marching forward and shows you what can be done good luck and I'm in the 1 K camp as well...
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    Rootes racing at its heart

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    Sunbeam Super Minx wagon

    Only the front doors and roof are different by memory , I had one of each in the eighties I loved my Super Minx wagon but I surfed and windsurfed and the salt water eventually ate the car, yours is an absolute beauty also the same colour as mine was cheers Andy
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    1962 SII restpraton complete

    Yep just like a few people above I've wondered how the hard top would look in white or matching the rest of the body and I must say it looks fantastic in the body colour , you've done a great job.
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    Floor pan

    Thanks Wayne for the pic in an earlier post, I've had a great time banging away in the shed with the hammers and dollys ( don't think the neighbour agrees) and I've knocked these ISO floor pans up, still a bit of work to do. Cheers Andy
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    Floor pans in plan

    I had a practice go at knocking up a floor pan for the left side , it's in complete and most likely incorrect as I still don't have a lot of info on the originals but I'm curing my boredom if anyone has the blueprint mentioned above they could share that would be great Cheers Andy
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    Floor pans in plan

    That would be great Michael I'm keen to make some for the car during the stage 4 lockdown for next 6 weeks and if I can beat out new floors it will help with the frustration of not being able to do all of life's normal stuff.
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    Floor pans in plan

    Gday to all I'm curious as to wether anyone has done a detailed plan with measurements etc of the Alpines front floors , this would be really useful for owners like myself that only have half a floor to work from and currently no access to a clean original car to do my own. Cheers Andy
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    Rounded corner hood bonnet

    I'm on the Mornington peninsula Michael and I've got a series 1 that I've had for 20 + years but it been in storage for the last 16 years but that time has come to get her up and running again.
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    Rounded corner hood bonnet

    If only that hood was in Oz , that looks brand new compared to mine.