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  1. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    The springs are a tricky deal. I usually run stock but my Alpine Series IV race car ran Tiger springs. Thanks for the kind words. Bill
  2. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    Call me to discuss. No problem. 707-363-2676 Bill
  3. atallamcs

    ‘BONNET’ hood release plastic handle

    I am in need of a good condition hood release handle for my 1961 Setues II. THANKS. atallamcs@aol.com. (Bill)
  4. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    Vancouver Washington
  5. atallamcs

    OK, I'll be the dummy and ask......

    Hi Dave—give me a call 707-363-2676 as I am the original owner that restored this special car. Bill Atalla
  6. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    This Alpine is very very nice. No excuses anywhere. And thanks for your note!!!!
  7. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    Just some details.
  8. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    Thanks Ken for the kind words.
  9. atallamcs

    1961 Series II For Sale in Reno

    I have been busy and have not kept in touch. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their Sunbeams. I will be selling the last of my Sunbeams. This fresh restoration does justice to a great car. I have extensive photos for serious buyers. It comes with two sets of wheels, hard and soft top...
  10. 1960 Alpine V6 candidate

    1960 Alpine V6 candidate

    The "Before" picture.
  11. Two Tigers

    Two Tigers

    1964 Black GT Tiger & 1965 Wedgewood Blue Tiger
  12. Tiger, Alpine, Harrington

    Tiger, Alpine, Harrington

    Harrington, Tiger, Alpine
  13. Series IV Race Car

    Series IV Race Car

    Race Alpine
  14. New Blue Tiger

    New Blue Tiger

    1965 Wedgewood Blue tiger
  15. GT Tiger

    GT Tiger

    Engine Compartment
  16. 64 Alpine Race Car

    64 Alpine Race Car

    Best in Class--Sacramento Concours
  17. 61 Harrington

    61 Harrington

    This has become my daily driver, when it is sunny, here in the Napa Valley.
  18. Harrington in the Napa Valley

    Harrington in the Napa Valley

    A friend sent this to me to my surprise.
  19. atallamcs

    Working. . . key word, Clock

    tick tock Found, thanks.