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    Flywheel bushing

    Yes, some owners in England told me that they used a bearing and that it is "off the shelf" standard size at some of the aftermarket parts suppliers there.
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    Flywheel bushing

    My experience with the SS bushing, with measurements similar to yours. was that it was very tight going into the crank end and needed a lot of persuasion to seat. Once installed, I couldn't insert the clutch alignment tool which is 5/8", same as the spud. The hardware bushing was almost exactly...
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    Flywheel bushing

    I have a clutch alignment tool with the proper dimensions for both the bushing and the spud and I did enlarge the chamfer on the bushing a little. However, I still can't get the alignment right and get the spud to go into the bushing. I don't recall having this much trouble when I did a...
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    Flywheel bushing

    Well, I got the new a new bushing from Sunbeam Specialties and tried to install it. It was the right length but the o/d was too large and the I/d too small. It was a b***ch to install and once installed wouldn't accept a 5/8 alignment tool. I tried drilling it to 5/8 but messed it up and took it...
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    Stromberg CD 150s revisited

    Could the carbs be sucking in air through worn throttle spindles?
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    Flywheel bushing

    The crank journal measures 7/8 and the spud 5/8, both +/- .005 or so, so I'm thinking the old bushing is just worn and/or an improperly sized. So when it get here, the new bushing is going in Loctite or no Loctite and I'm going to live with any slop. I sort of agree with Puff4 on what's...
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    Flywheel bushing

    The "slop" measures .025 overall on the crank (.0125, I guess, in any direction) and about .015 overall on the spud. When I got the transmission from Jeff Howarth in England, (John Roseby had rebuilt it) I used the existing clutch, bell housing, throw out bearing etc. and didn't even think to...
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    Flywheel bushing

    The motor is a 1725 and the transmission is a Series V with overdrive done up by John Roseby in England. The V6 is sitting on an engine stand waiting for its new oil pump, distributor and oil pan to go on to be put into the Series I when I get the time (that's a whole different story). I don't...
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    Flywheel bushing

    I've ordered a new bushing and will do as hartmanmd suggests. if that doesn't work out, Loctite 680 will be my last resort. Thanks to all for your advice.
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    Flywheel bushing

    Replacing the clutch on my Series V, I found that the brass bushing in the flywheel was loose, had a bit of play and could be pulled out with my finger. I believe that the bushing should be pressed in and tight inside the flywheel. Is the "loosness" acceptable or should I just go ahead and get...
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    Sunbeam Owners in Canada

    Do you still have a 1725 motor for sale?
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    Overdrive problem

    Agree, the solenoid is bad. Current flow through devices heats things up and as the internals expand with the heat they make unwanted contact and short out.
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    weak heater blower

    In a 1960 review of the new Sunbeam Alpine in Popular Mechanics, Tom MacHill said that the heater blower in the car was like "a mouse blowing on your foot". That has been my experience and unlike Mark and Mike I think the fan is, in a word, pathetic and never did work fine but I guess it's...
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    Stromberg gushing

    Once in a while I have had the carb overflow because of a stuck float and a sharp rap on the side of the carb cures it. It could be crud in the needle assembly, a bad float or wear on the float hinge, but, for me, the long term solution is to take off the carb, clean everything, test and then...
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    Tricks to installing Doors

    Would it help to scribe the location of the hinges on the body and the door before you remove them?
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    Weber 40 DCOE mods for more flow

    Doesn't all this depend on whether or not the tightest restriction in intake tract is the venturi? So, if the manifold runners or intake port on the head are only 38mm, for example, then isn't a 45 venturi too large for that? I wonder if the Ford X head in the video has at least 45mm I/D all the...
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    Weber DCOE40

    Carbs sold yet? If not, your best price?
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    Dual Carbs from a couple of my Sunbeam Alpines

    Make an offer? What will you take (shipping included)?
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    What carb are you running on a 2bbl V6?

    I thought the final word on this, after Svend Pruit, was a 4 barrel Holly 360 cfm on a Offy split plane manifold ?
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    To store or keep operational

    With the Alpine, as well as the motorcycles, I like to start and run them until they show a decent reading on the temp gauge and then a few minutes after that. I keep a smart charger on the batteries and add either Seafoam or Stabil to the gas. I don't cover them because mice seem to like...