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Search results

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    Ignition Switch SV

    Is switch gone?
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    67 Series 5

    Do you have any pictures?
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    1967 Alpine V For Sale - Chicago Area

    Is the car still for sale and if so, how much are you asking for it?
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    Modern heater cores to fit Series IV Alpines or Tigers

    I would like to replace my existing heater core with a modern style heater core. Does anyone know if there is an existing model that will fit in to replace the older style that are in the cars. My radiator man will make me one for about $400.00 but I was hoping to find a existing model that...
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    Should not have bought another project

    is project car still for sale?
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    64 Alpine IV for sale

    Is the car still for sale and do you have any more pictures?
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    Early Hardtop $400

    Hard top Is the hard still available, and do you have any pictures? Where in Atlanta is it located? Glen Roelofs
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    67 SV and 62 SII for sale

    SV 67 project car I am interested in your project car Glen Roelofs
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    right fender for sale

    Is the fender still available and how much are you asking for it.
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    rear hydraulic cylinders

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the rear hydraulic cylinders on a 67 alpine?
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    sunbeam tiger v8 260 REBUILT to a 289 - $1000 (san dimas)

    Sunbeam engine I am interested in your engine. I am especially interested in the crankshaft and waterpump pulleys. Do you know approximately how many miles are on the engine? What parts come with the engine. Glen Roelofs
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    Alloy Wheels for Sunbeam

    Has anyone tried to fit porsche 924 14X6 wheels on a sunbeam?
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    Parts Required

    Jim, I am also missing my right brake line. Is that available on your donor car?
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    Parts Required

    Jim, I can use the bonnet, and gravel pan. I would appreciate pictures as a I may have to make a trip to Arizona to pick it up, E-mail groelofs@gmail.com Thanks Glen Roelofs
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    crankshaft pulley

    crankcase pulley George, Thanks for the part #of the pulley. Green sales no longer has this part, but Dennis Carpenter has part #C4TZ-6312-A which is the pulley with crankshaft balancer. I talked to a local machine shop and they will fabricate one for about $450.00.
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    Parts Required

    body parts What is the front clip like on your donor car? I have slight damage on my left fender, and if your car has a good front end I may replace the front clip. I am not in a hurry as I am currently working on finding crankshaft & water pump pulleys.
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    crankshaft pulley

    Does the tiger have an special crankshaft pulley and if so does anyone know what the Ford part number is to order one? I ordered one for a 64 Ford Fairlane and it is about an inch to deep and hits the steering rack.
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    Parts Required

    I am looking for a right front fender and a boot floor for my 67 tiger
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    Parting Out a Series I Alpine with Hardtop

    Would you be willing to sell the hard top. How much do you want for it.