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    Slow start

    You mean the starter motor turns over slowly when hot? Most likely heat soak. Got hot exhaust running next to the starter?
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    Type of spark plugs

    The definitive way is whether it has dished pistons vs the flat tops used in the A code. There is a flat pad on the drivers side in front of the cylinder head. There are letters and numbers stamped there. That is the engine assembly date. There are casting codes on the side of the engine...
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    Idle problems

    High idle that you cannot bring down by unscrewing the idle speed (not mixture) screw says vacuum leak. Most likely it is the carb to spacer or spacer to manifold gasket.
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    Happy July 4th

    To you as well. Just started the smoker with a couple of racks of spare ribs. Mmmm.
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    SII-Crankshaft / Damper Key

    That's what hacksaw and file are for. Oh and a ruler.
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    Now that you have publicly confessed your sin, the key will promptly reappear..............
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    Stromberg CD 150s revisited

    lower idle speed. 900 is above spec.
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    Doesn’t Start

    replace the condenser.
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    Handbrake System

    Its illegal in many states AND a bad idea in all 50 plus the provinces of Canada.
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    rubbers for Traction Master bars (bolt on)

    With out the bars, You will get axle hop when you drop the hammer on the go pedal. With the LSD you will lay down 2 nice black intermittent stripes on the pavement.
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    Flywheel bushing

    Loctite 680 is your friend. It will hold that bushing in place.
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    Suspension bushing replacement questions

    I am in the midst of replacing the bushings in the A-arms. I currently have the urethane bushings that I bought from Sunbeam Specialities about 15 years ago. The urethane has completely disintegrated, but that is not the problem, just the reason I am under the car and covered in grease...
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    New Alpine Owner - Window Crank

    Push the shiny round piece in to the black beehive plastic piece. (Its spring loaded). Remove pin from cross drilled hole in handle. Installation is the reverse. :)
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    Seat recline bushing

    Has anyone recovered a Miata seat in the style and color of an Alpine seat?
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    Wilwood Brake and Master Cylinders

    No worries. When I first looked I saw the single and thought, wait Toyanvil put tandem mc on his car and that is a single. hmmmm Then I saw the double with no reservoirs.
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    Wilwood Brake and Master Cylinders

    You got Tiger on the brain Jay. Prop. valve is just located where a tiger clutch would be.
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    Overdrive not working

    Doubtful. A relay is just a switch that allows a low current device to control a high current one. If you want independent control of wipers and blinkers you need multiple relays. You probably have dirty high resistance grounds. Focus on those first.
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    Overdrive not working

    You don't need parts yet. You need a voltmeter and a wiring diagram. Start at the beginning of the circuit. 1. Do you have battery voltage across the battery terminals. Yes go to 2. No . Problem found! 2. Put volt meter on wire leaving OD lever and ground. flip the switch. do you have...
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    Alpine Engine Bay to Scan

    Thank you. Now I gotta get my hands on an engine and scanner in San Diego.
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    Alpine V8 conversion

    I understand the Alpine system. I understand the Tiger system. I am musing about a hybrid. Junk the Alpine box, cross over tube and the passenger side rocker. Keep the alpine rear steering arms mounted to the knuckle. Mount "somehow" a steering rack underneath the V8 at the fore and aft...