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  1. d.works66

    Engine swap

    Hood Scoop Hi Charles, As far as the hood scoop this will fit nicely and look a lot like the Tiger scoop when done W/O the exhaust vents of course. I hope it helps. It's a reasonable price. :cool: Follow this link: http://cobranda.com/gthoscbonty1.html
  2. d.works66

    Darksiders United - West Coast and beyond

    Good Times!! Hey There Guys, I just wanted to add my two cents to the many thanks to Kelly for hosting the get together this last Sunday!! And thanks to the rest of the Guys and GALS that were there to show their cars and storys. Oh... And many thanks for getting my Girlfriend hooked on the...
  3. d.works66

    Series 1725 engine/trans

    Sunbeam Great chating with you!!:cool:
  4. d.works66

    V-6 plus other goodies for conversion

    Hi Ken, If you havent let the V6 stuff go yet PM me and lets talk.:cool:
  5. d.works66

    Darksiders United - West Coast and beyond

    Hi Kelly, I have a new project 66 S5 and am wanting to put a 3000gt engine in...:D But, first I'm going to enjoy it the way it is for a few months and I don't live too far from you. I am in the Victorville area. I would like to come to your little gathering in April if possible. PM me with the...