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    Excitement Builds

    He resplinded them in his shop and yes we did cut the top ears off.
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    Excitement Builds

    Hi Jim Sorry for the time delay . To be honest I took the sunbeam rear end and the mustang rear end and told him to make it the same . I did stop by asked him how much he took out and he said about 5 inches a side . But the sunbeam is not in the center it is off set about 7/8 of an inch to one...
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    Excitement Builds

    Hi Reg I am also putting a 2.8 v6 in my alpine . I am using 7.5 rear axle out of an 1984 mustang gt. It comes with axles with the 4 on 4.25 bolt circle ,I needed new axles and was able to order new axles from rock auto , they had them in stock. The rear end is in and seem to clear everything. I...
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    Sunbeam Owners in Canada

    Hi I have a 1968 series 5 and in the Kitchener Ontario area. I know there are a couple of tigers around this area.
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    Shocks for a series V

    I would say the Monroe number is 5804 but you do have to change the bottom mount . I have not done the rear yet so I do not have a number for that yet .
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    Headlight Rims

    Hi Rick I just got some from Mark at Volvoguys (he is a member ). They were used but in good useable shape
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    Tiger Scoop

    I did get one and have just started installing it, It is a nice piece and fits the hood real nice.
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    Rotisserie (and mounting an Alpine on one)

    I just used the bumper bolts by them self and it worked . Mine had a lot of welding done and after it all done the doors fit good . I did have the doors of went it was on the rotisserie and I made supports that when for the top hinge to the latch area .
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    3.8 v6

    Thanks Guys I think I will go a different direction .
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    3.8 v6

    Has anybody installed a 3.8 v6 out of a newer mustang in the sunbeam or are they the same as the 2.8 v6 .
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    body panels

    THANKS Dan I tried to get a hold of Randy but his email doesn't seem to work.
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    body panels

    Hi Guys I am starting on my 68 series 5 , on the body. I am looking to replace a lot of sheet metal ,does any body have any idea where I can get body panels like the rear wheel well arc and the rockers . I did find some email address on this site and sent emails but have got nothing back...
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    Toyota Prius brake master cylinder?

    Brake master Hi Guys I have just started my first sunbeam project 68 s5. On this master what are doing with the power brake serial,or are just leaving it out.